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Found 12 results

  1. I've been reading that the bank of england may drop interest rates. My mate works at barclays in canary warf and he says there simulations say that interest rates are going to drop around june next year. However, he also said that their simulations change very often. I've placed an offer on a house (new baby arrived) and I got a mortgage offer for a 5 year fixed with halifax. I'm debating with myself whether it would be smart to change it to a 2 year deal and then reevaluate (hopefully getting a better deal).
  2. I have long doubted Mark Carney’s independence. George Osborne hand picked the governer, and for good reason. Osborne’s golden goose was /is help-to-buy, which has pushed up property prices, probably by the famous 35%. Carney, in turn, has repaid Osborne - long since gone but ever present, it seems - by keeping interest rates audaciously low. We can see what has happened and can imagine what will happen. Apart from interest rat rise (like opportunist retailers blaming brexit for all the prce increases) Carney will hide under the cover of ‘no deal’ and blame brexit for interest rises. He has a pount, but he also has a lot to answer for. Apart from that, he will get his British citizenship, and eventually become a lord. Nice work, the Tories will live on long after our collective debt death.
  3. Mark Carney has signalled the Bank of Englandwould be prepared to cut interest rates – or freeze plans to increase them – in order to support jobs and economic growth should Britain be plunged into a disorderly Brexit. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/may/24/bank-england-ready-act-uk-faces-disorderly-brexit-mark-carney-says
  4. Do you believe the government should intervene in the payday loan market?
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41846330 https://www.moneysupermarket.com/mortgages/results/#?goal=2&types=1&property=400000&borrow=340000&page=1&periods=2 Interesting
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40880640 Rising interest rates a greater threat than China.
  7. Another consequence of low interest and gilt rates: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39101829
  8. Like many here I follow a load of 'alternative' financial blogs/ websites/ podcasts and a theme I see emerging is the likelihood of a reversing of the rate cycle towards rising rates 'soon'. Having had years of ZIRP/ Financial Repression/ Money printing is there a realistic chance of a policy change with the CBs or is it (more likely IMO) that they will keep the printing up for as long as they possibly can?
  9. Hi.... I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on your average working professional in Japan has invested and fared over the last 20 years. Reason I ask is that if the UK is headed towards a Japanese style stagnant couple of decades with with 0% interest rates, how has the average person invested their money and saved for retirement? If they had been ploughing into domestic risk assets for the last 20 years I don't think they would be sat too pretty at the moment looking at the history of the Nikkei since 1990 (i acknowledged the nikkei has rocketed the past 2-3 years). Does anyone have any further reading on this, or long term investment strategies in a similar environment? I know everyone generally seems to think if you have long investment horizon, stocks are your best bet, but i don't think that is true in the case of Japan. I suppose they could have looked at foreign markets, but if all developed markets are in the same situation, where do you look? Any thoughts or suggested reading much appreciated...
  10. I've now saved enough to buy a house (not my main residence, nice area) without a mortgage that has already been split into two substantial apartments. I'm getting 0.5% at the bank with my savings but the expected net yield is 4.2% after all costs including taxes are taken into account. However with the expected raise in interest rates should I go ahead? Thx
  11. Hi all, simple question really - what kind of scenario(s) could force up UK interest rates? I have a vague notion that a sterling crisis could, but not sure of the exact mechanism. Why couldn't the Bank of England just printy printy? It all feels quite like 2007 in ways I cannot quite put my finger on. Can feel something brewing...
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