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Found 12 results

  1. Hi I'm seriously thinking about moving me and family from London to Bournemouth, I've visited the area a number of times and have a couple of friends there. Starting to (I think!) become au fait with which areas to give a wide berth to! Looks like Parkstone/Branksome areas have a good reputation. Anyway, my question - some expensive properties in these areas but for some reason there are a few on Ashley road that are considerably cheaper. Per chance could one of you good citizens enlighten me as to why this is??!! I'm looking for at least 4 bed, preferably detached, reasonable sized back garden, preferably downstairs WC, preferably utility room, ideal price range 325000 - 350000. Not afraid to do a bit of work. Oh, also commuting to Heathrow airport most days and wondering if anyone does the Bournemouth to London commute (by car) and what their experience is Help very much appreciated ME449
  2. Hi all, I've been looking to buy a share of freehold since I didn't really like the idea of a leasehold (I heard too many horror stories of expensive rising service charge) and freehold properties are expensive for me. I actually begin to understand that "share of freehold" is a pure marketing term design to attract more potential buyers. I thought that having a share in the freehold will entitle me a bit more power about the decisions made to keep the building safe and tidy (= no unjustified expensive service charges). Anyway I have found a share of freehold 1 bedroom flat in London for roughly 470k (there are 10 flats in the building, which is not a new building). I asked the EA about the service charges before putting my offer: he told me 1200£/year. I thought at that time it was okay, so put my offer, which has been accepted. And now, after receiving the solicitor's documents about the official lease contract along with the historic service charges payments, here is what I've found about the service charges (careful to divide everything by 10, which is what the owner paid to the management company); approximately: 2014: 26000£ 2015: 22000£ 2016: 23000£ 2017: 20000£ and here is the breakdown for 2017: 1200£ for cleaning 600£ for electricity in the communal areas 250£ for bin hire 3000£ for general repairs (!, and this seems to be a pretty stable number since 2014) 480£ for fire alarm maintenance (I guess the batteries they bought were made out of gold) 650£ for general accountancy 360£ for combined H&S and FRA 2700£ for management fees 80£ for bank charges 10000£ for the general reserve ( I guess the sinking fund) So the total is around 20000£ and so the contribution of the owner to this is 2000£ (way bigger than what the EA told me by email). Do these number seem reasonable to you or shall I avoid buying this house at all cost ? I also really wonder why the shareholders don't change of management company. Thank you ! PS: there is no concierge, no fancy swimming pool, no gym etc, just a bunch of flats. Last but not least, the management company has an awful reputation on Internet with some people saying it should be avoided at all costs.
  3. Average price down 0.6% between July and September. As it's the Graun, expect Islington residents to panic first.
  4. Just realised that in the same time frame that new houses have got smaller cars have got correspondingly bigger. Have been watching with some amusement all the large SUV/Merc/AUDI type cars trying to squeeze through a chicane of parked vehicles in my twee estate this morning and come to the conclusion that as global manufacturers swing to one floorpan suits all for both American and European markets we have been left with the consequences of this and vehicular vanity. Can't for the life of me see why people are so stupid as to put up with the hassle of driving a car that is as big if not bigger in some cases as a transit van!
  5. Hi, we have just secured outline planning permission for a home build on family farmland between Armagh and Dungannon. We are hoping to build approx. 2200-2400sq ft - L shaped house, with bedrooms in the roof space and floor to ceiling glass on the west and south facing sides of jut out of part of the 'L' - sliding doors on one side and large windows on the other. We plan for 1 bathroom & 1 en-suite. We hope to be able to build to a very good standard insulation with a heat recovery system in place. We will most likely need someone to project manage the build as we live some distance away. We would be interested to hear recommendations of home builders with provision for project management and what costs that we should expect. We would like to be able to budget for complete finish including windows, floors, kitchen, bathrooms, driveway, painting etc. We also like to hear recommendations for roofers, tilers, kitchens, driveways etc I seen on a previous forum that someone was building a timber frame home. I made initial enquiries about timber frame but have been lead to believe that mortgage are almost impossible to secure for timber frame homes in NI. Does anyone know any better?
  6. Hi if this is in the wrong area please excuse me! This area is a little grey to me and i have no idea whats what properly, so any advice would be great from others who have been in this situation or had experience of this - I ended my tenancy on the 20/08/2016. last week on the 25/08/2016 i received a letter from the landlord saying he wanted to keep our bond and then the reasons stated - one reason was because we had broken the cistern toilet lid but, due to the bathroom being old it was discontinued therefore they wanted a whole new bathroom suite and this would be taking from our bond! Another point they had on their letter was that they where disappointed at the way the decoration had been left therefore needing a whole house professionally re painted / decorated....on our move in inventory at the start of the tenancy it stated 6 points that where was cracks to walls, mould in the corner of one room and damage to paint work - the house was not freshly painted when we moved in. He also quoted us for 3 new carpets, now when we where shown around by the old tenant she claimed she had carpeted the house from her own back pocket we lived in the house 3 years and she was in a year previous. Now iv been to the depsoit protection scheme and proposed a despute is raised and the department of resolution was to be informed / used for free help to us both to resolved the issues if he accepted....... HES NOW DECLINDED the offer of any help from the scheme our bond is held in! Meaning i now have to go to a solicitor and make a single claim etc.....by the looks of this the issue will end up in court - has anyone taken things this far before? and the issues iv posted above here is he able to get away with this and what hes suggested above? I see the points quite unfair but im not aware of what im dealing with and a lot advice is needed here. I'm really not sure he is aware of what the scheme can do for us nore do i think hes aware it could end up in court unless hes trying to pull the wool over my eyes cause when it was first said about the depsoit when we moved out he made out to me that he had full access to him and it was him that had to ok everything (which i later found out was untrue and i had access to it) A little side note my landlord added my hubbys name as the lead tenant on the scheme information so now when i ring the scheme they wont chat to me directly i have to get the hubby to call up to chat to them and to ok me talking on his behalf. I cant understand why the landlords done this when it is both our names on the tenancy agreement but my bank account that pays the rent and bond. It feels like hes made it hard for us to gain contact with the DPS by doing this above! Any help would be great! Thanx for reading i must add that weve always paid our rent ontime in advanced etc and in my eyes been good tennants.
  7. Hi, one conundrum for you guys. London HAS or HAS NOT a property bubble ?. After reading articles from both sides for the last 2 years in the London property market, here two examples: Business Insider: These charts show how London's property bubble may burst at any moment http://www.businessinsider.com.au/hsbc-london-house-price-and-earnings-charts-2015-12 Absolutely the opposite ... Will UK Interest Rate Rises Crash House Prices? http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article51903.html This just seems unsustainable but with an increasing immigration, house shortage, help-to-buy scheme with governments borrowing a lot of money, its just doesn't really looks it can't stop. But none of us can´t afford to buy in the next 5 years with headlines saying that prices could soar 50% in the next 10 years. Thanks Roger
  8. If you're going to dig out a basement best be careful about it http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-34935821 Luckily Duffy sold it before it collapsed
  9. http://www.westdraytonwaterside.co.uk/ The homes are going under the hammer, and the EA is looking for buyers in the Middle East and Asia (but FTB in the UK are welcome to bid against foreign Sovereign Wealth Funds and Pension Funds). It should be interesting, although how the EA is going to know if a bidder has the cash is beyond me.
  10. Liverpool man buys four-bedroom house with three living rooms - for just £1 article here....
  11. House prices: Have sellers missed the top of the property market?http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11081014/House-prices-Have-sellers-missed-the-top-of-the-property-market.html
  12. First true sign of HPC. London asking prices drop 5.9% in a month! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/files/2014/08/august-2014.pdf
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