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Found 8 results

  1. Xi Jinping's Speech: "Housing Is For Living Rather Than Speculation" Xi Jinping delivered a three and a half-hour speech at the opening of China’s 19th Party Congress, the once in five years mega-Communist Party gathering, to herald a ‘new era’ of power, consolidating his position as perhaps the most influential Chinese leader in decades. While he did lay out guidelines to develop China in this ‘new era’, bottom line: Heavy in superlatives, light on specifics. It was the year's most carefully politically-staged global event, best understood by the related trivia gleaned from party officials. The drafting process involves 4,700 individuals, 59 organisations, reports from 25 think tanks, nine research committees and 6 discussion forums, hosted by Xi, to hear suggestions. Xi walked into the Great Hall of the people to marching band music with delegates clapping in time. When highlighted the role of Marxism in 21st century China, he was greeted by lots of applause from delegates. Perhaps the most interesting question is how much significance should be attached to Xi’s comment "housing is for living rather than speculation''… a soundbite which he reiterated. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-18/xi-jinpings-speech-housing-living-rather-speculation
  2. Some good footage of a 'ghost city' and HPC sentiment from a Chinese expat:
  3. Chatting to a close friend who writes for a well known financial website which is regularly posted here. Lots of jostling for position in their office at the moment for lead correspondent on overseas property - all their contacts in the financial / property industry are getting quite nervous of the bubbles bursting. Not much better than 'a bloke down the pub said' hence why it's here in anecdotals but was much encouraged by the indications that the pros are coming to the same conclusions as the armchair pundits.
  4. Part of Robert Peston's prog tonight BBC2 some London property being built by Chinese property developers after building too much in China apparently so it's not just Chinese buyers but Chinese developers too for us to fret about http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35533056
  5. so, it looks like the china property bubble has burst i'm thinking this will dramatically slow down chinese economic growth this will impact on chinas trading partners possibly leading to a stock market corrections (dow & s&p looking a bit peaky at the moment) less money flowing out of china and into "prime london" (i.e. overpriced new builds) prime london crash filters down to the wider market any thoughts?
  6. Sweet Jebus! Look at that chart! So, is this genuine investment in sound businesses, money laundering or pwoperdee speculation? (perhaps the last two are linked!) http://qz.com/373246/chinas-buy-out-of-corporate-europe-in-maps-and-charts/
  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/beijing-to-the-us-by-train-china-outlines-plans-to-connect-world-by-high-speed-rail-network-9342749.html As long as it doesn't come near us, as we have sacred boomer countryside to protect. Though the Chinese do have another plan to link London, via Paris and Moscow. All looks very 'Gerry Anderson' and who would have thunk that a Communist State would end up planning these grand schemes. Oh yeh we got lost somewhere worrying about house prices.
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