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Found 15 results

  1. Here's what I think - A goodbye to all that buy-to-let And good riddance too. Sell now, sell everything.
  2. There's a new post on Property118 that once again points to Ireland as a possible case study for the potential impacts of Clause 24 (h/t Bland Unsight for flagging on the BTL Regrouping thread) which I'm quite pleased about because it gives me a good excuse to highlight an interesting paper from the Central Bank of Ireland that was recently referenced in both HM Treasury's December 2015 Open Consultation: Financial Policy Committee powers of direction in the buy-to-let market and The Financial Policy Committee's tools over the buy-to-let mortgage market - Impact Assessment, produced jointly wi
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/buy-to-let/12019894/Buy-to-let-stampede-ahead-of-stamp-duty-hikes.html
  4. The sale of the Bradford & Bingley mortgage book sitting in United Kingdom Asset Resolution was confirmed in the Budget. Source: Budget 2016 Policy Paper Bradford & Bingley's buy-to-let lender, Mortgage Express, accounts for most of the loan book. Source: UKAR B&B 2015 annual report There's some 'interesting' commentary in the trade press. Source: Basel proposals could ‘compromise’ Bradford and Bingley asset sale, Mortgage Strategy, 18 March 2016 There is an alternative perspective to the IMLA argument, which is that if you are going to shut down the BTL industry, you o
  5. Prospective owner occupiers need not apply? http://www.property118.com/
  6. As it looks like BTL is going to blow-up spectacularly over the next few years I thought it might be interesting to have a guess at how much fraud is going to be discovered in the aftermath. We can then return to this poll at some point in the future and compare the opinions of the forum with the reality on the ground. If you vote "other" please give details in the thread.
  7. TL;DR - If you want to be taxed like a business, don't set up a mad leveraged empire with millions of pounds of mortgages which pays its tax via the personal income tax self-assessment form. _____ The four or five of you who don't yet have me on ignore will be aware that I've had a thrilling conversation with another poster about GAAP already here and have also (here on the Scum thread) reported elements of a temperate and well-mannered exchange of views with "Home Provider" in the now closed comments section of a recent Guardian article. My take on things is pretty much consist
  8. From the Law Society website From their representation, Finance Bill 2016: clauses 75-78 Transactions in Land - the Law Society's comments. Just the Law Society jumping at shadows? Or more fun ahead for the buy-to-let guys?
  9. How will UKAR handle property disposals from portfolio landlords in light of the recent Budget? It seems to me that the most aggressively leveraged landlords, who will be worst affected by the recent Budget changes to how tax relief on BTL mortgage interest and taxable rental income are calculated, are also highly likely to have mortgages tied up in UKAR. The 'bad banks' whose mortgage books UK Asset Resolution was set up to run down were in part 'bad' precisely because they had been aggressively lending into the buy-to-let sector: That being the case it would be surprising if the most agg
  10. Bearishness from The Telegraph? Mapped: how buy-to-let will lose money in 91pc of regions by 2021
  11. Great article by Dominic Frisby in MoneyWeek, How George Osborne could kill off Britain’s buy-to-let business, extract below:
  12. I have recently greatly enjoyed reading the many interesting articles, and comments, on the excellent Property118 website. A major content provider therein produced in October last year a little article on Equity Finance, something that is new to me, (also discussed in this Guardian piece). The mechanics of the lending are interesting and I refer you to the article. One feature that strikes me is that when the loan is settled up on disposal the equity finance provider receives a share of the capital gain in proportion to twice the lender's equity interest, e.g. is the equity finance provider
  13. At the link a pdf with a plain English (hopefully) discussion of the fact that if you continually use mortgage equity withdrawal to extract the capital gain from a buy-to-let, the answer to the question in the thread title is that in the end HMRC own your buy-to-let, and if you are really incautious you may create a situation where they end up having a claim on your other assets too. Who owns your buy-to-let? Please feel free to tweet, e-mail or print it off and leave it surreptitiously in the path of anyone who is using mortgage equity withdrawal to treat a buy-to-let as a piggy bank. I've
  14. HMRC have issued a public consultation document for "businesses, individuals, tax advisers, professional bodies and any other interested parties involved in the letting of residential property" to comment on Replacing Wear and Tear Allowance with Tax Relief for Replacing Furnishing in Let Residential Dwelling-Houses. The direct download link is here and comments are open until 09/10/2015 if anyone would like to write in to [email protected] on the subject.
  15. I am desperately in favour of a mansion tax, but surely it should apply to the total value of your property portfolio, including any buy to lets. It would be a great way to generate some money from fat cat landlords, and very few people would complain. Such landlords could not just raise rents to compensate because there would be plenty of other landlords who would not have to pay the tax, so tenants would be protected from landlords just passing on the costs en masse. They should then plough 100% of the money into building affordable housing (social rent or open market)... Should raise a lo
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