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Found 6 results

  1. Or: How to make £1,700 a day. Norfolk/Suffolk RTB council house sale profits Even after a big 'early resale fee' to the council I wonder if this ex-tenant sold it to a 'professional' landlord (unprofessional more like) who then rented out the rooms? How is this allowed to carry on?
  2. May Pledges Right-to-Buy Plan to Boost U.K. Social Housing Sounds very good but I thought the Tories hated social housing? Why should I believe them now? They have made little progress on delivering new council housing and HA homes since 2010. We're paying those unaffordable rents to the Tory Party's core voters. I'm one of those 'stuck on one of the council waiting lists' - or registers. Tories don't seem to care much about ordinary people except when a General Election approaches. I think Labour are better placed to address the housing issue so I intend to vote Labour on June 8th.
  3. So, I have been offered a flat to rent! It is a friend of my family and I didn't know this before but their offspring had a council flat that he didn't use very much (they played the system), he stayed there 1 or 2 times a week. In any case, when the time came that this person was eligible for the Right to Buy, their parents bought it. That's fine, as I said they played the system, it is wrong but within the rules (I believe family members are allowed to help you Right to Buy). Now I have been offered this flat to rent and it seems that they have been renting the place out to someone since they took up the Right to Buy (in their offsprings name of course) some years ago. Was this allowed? It doesn't seem right but is it within the rules? I've tried looking on the .gov website but can't find anything on this. Does anyone here know what the rules are?
  4. Social housing 'faces slow death' . 88,000 homes forecast to be lost by end of decade Unintended consequences of 'Right To Buy'? Independent This is much the same story as extending 'Right To Buy' to Housing Associations, who also lack the funds to replace stock. Net effect: fewer affordable rents, bigger housing benefit bill. Worth noting the media slant against private landlords while the architect of the scheme escapes criticism.
  5. Stymied due to lack of same... "A new local authority levy based on high value, empty council homes is set to be reduced for London boroughs in order to increase the supply of affordable housing in the capital." then... To continue reading this, you'll need a subscription to Inside Housing. .... bah
  6. Affordable Homes. Desperate Families Dealt Another Blow I first came across this story because yet another housebuilder has gone bust. Brookvale Homes Enters Administration With 51 Jobs At Risk. Well, of course. The last thing we need is low-cost housing. Er, what? Indeed, there's something odd about this story which piqued my journalistic curiosity. It's almost as if someone didn't want those affordable (mostly low rental) homes to be built. Look at the timeline below in the Local Rag. What we do know is that the Conservatives, having eradicated council housing, want to extend Right to Buy to those in housing associations.
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