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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, We moved out of Aberdeen and moved to England 2 years back. Now my company is offering full time remote working from home. I am evaluating if I should move back to Aberdeen. Reasons for considering moving back: Medical & NHS services are better in Aberdeen/Scotland compared to our own experience in England. We are having a lot of issues even getting an appointment with the GP. Initially we thought it was due to the Covid situation. However, based on the feedback we received from other local people in Nextdoor(app) it seems it is always like this even before the Covid situation. We are trying for last 1 year and we are not able to even register with a Dentist for any dental care. Buying a house in England is out of our reach as prices are crazy. Whereas, in Aberdeen we could find a good & bigger house for a reasonable price. If we cant buy a house in England, we will end up as tenants/renters all our life. Moving to Aberdeen would allow my wife to quite her job( or go part time) and take care of the kids and we can still have reasonable life style in Aberdeen on one salary. Questions: Is the situation in Aberdeen getting worse? Is the downturn in Aberdeen slowing down? Any Impact of Scotland becoming Independent in the future? Will this be good for Aberdeen or Bad for Aberdeen? Is there any hopes for Aberdeen to survive and bounce back? or We are in our Mid 40's and don't plan to change jobs. So we are not too much worried of the job market in Aberdeen. However, we are worried if the situation get bad and people start moving out of Aberdeen and it becomes or ghost town? Cheers
  2. Yesterday I received an email from my union about the high cost of housing and how it impacts members. I thought this might go down well here. Or maybe not. https://housingripoff.org/ A very good point but Unison doesn't appear to have considered all the money from questionnable sources that is pumped into housing, as well as the Government props. There's a calculator that tells you how long it will take for you to save up for a deposit on the average home. It does generalise a bit eg: saving10% of take home pay from scratch. In my case it will take me 19.5 years for me to save up for a deposit for an average home in my city: "I'll get the keys in December 2038". I'll be into my 60s by then, so a mortgage to pay off the rest will be unlikely.
  3. Hello all, I'd like to share with you this great documentary produced by the same people who created "princess of the yen". It's a self funded video, and its free to watch. I'm not affiliated to the makers, I'm just a fan. All the makers ask is that if you like the video you share it around with friends and family, as they are getting reports the video is getting shaddowbanned in certain countries. This documentary explains how our politicians created the non dom hidden finance system to shore up the pound, and how this system ate away our factories and pumped up housing assets. Enjoy If you think the video is good and worth while a watch for the members, please give this post a bump.
  4. I don't vist too often nowadays but I see that dead links are still a thing on the home page! https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/feb/12/uk-tenants-paid-record-50bn-in-rents-in-2017 for anyone who was interested in reading this article!
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36181318 'Bank of mum and dad' lends £5bn a year in UK, says L&G Lending from parents to help their children get on the UK property ladder will amount to £5bn in 2016, according to data from Legal & General (L&G). L&G says it means the so-called Bank of Mum and Dad will help to finance 25% of all UK mortgage transactions this year - at an average amount of £17,500. If this lending prowess was combined into a formal business, it would be a top 10 UK mortgage lender, adds L&G. But it warns this method of lending is coming under increasing pressure. "The Bank of Mum and Dad plays a vital role in helping young people to take their early steps on to the housing ladder," said Legal and General chief executive Nigel Wilson. But he said it highlighted a number of important issues, including house prices being "out of sync with wages". Many of those accepting money from their parents are being given substantial sums. Dan Howdle, bought three-bedroom semi-detached a year ago in Rugeley in the West Midlands, thanks to £50,000 from his parents. "I wouldn't have had a chance of doing it without them, certainly for the next five years," Mr Howdle, who works for a broadband company, told the BBC. "Before this gift, I was expecting to be a renter for the rest of my life," he said. 'Supply side' In London, Mr Wilson said this funding method was reaching "tipping point", with more than half of average household net wealth (excluding property assets) going towards helping their offspring on to the housing ladder. Mr Wilson also said that not all young people were able to access parental support, while many who could were still unable to afford a home. He added: "We need to fix the housing market by revolutionising the supply side - if we build more houses, demand can be met at a sensible level and prices will stabilise relative to wages." Research from L&G and economics consultancy Cebr suggests the Bank of Mum and Dad will provide deposits for more than 300,000 mortgages, purchasing homes worth £77bn this year. The Bank of Mum and Dad's average financial contribution is £17,500 or 7% of the average purchase price, it says. Suprised to see this on the BBC. Just shows the lunancy of the problem. I wonder where house prices would be if BOM&D didn't bail their children out?
  6. I wanted to ask the members why [in the UK] do we need EA's. After 10 years of privately renting, all through EA's, I do not actually know what t entails to be an estate agent. Do they need a degree or qualification? Are there standards for them to follow? What amount of legal paperwork do they have to do for a sale, or rental? What are they being paid by owners who want to rent or sell? Some EA's I've come across have been alight, but most have been awful. Entitled and arrogant, they think they are making you a favour when showing you a properteeh. I've started to suspect, being an EA is not too complicated, and with HPI+++, it may be seen as a quick way to get rich. If so, wouldn't there be a massive boom in Estate Agents chasing an ever decreasing pool of customers? Every town or city in the UK has rows and rows of EA's with fancy names, on what used to be little shops run by families. This can't be sustainable, surely. Looking at these streets makes me sad, it looks horrible. Another question. Why can't owners, deal directly with tenants or buyers? This happens in every other country in Europe I've been in. It's cheaper to cut the middle man, so why is it that in the UK, the Vast majority of sales and rents are done through EA's? I was going over the classics sections when I came across this http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/6386-the-future-of-estate-agents/ The OP, wondered the internet would put EA's out of business. It certainly hasn't happened.
  7. There's been an increase in wealthy households - thank God for trickle down wealth and Help to Buy !
  8. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/oct/16/labour-plan-help-local-people-housing-ladder In the wake of UKIP's recent success Labour suddenly remembers how important it is to work for existing British Citizens who can vote -not against them. Seems like a promising idea to me. And if Labour doesn't win power next year then it will be a good one for another party to steal!
  9. Now nicely decanted of all its social tenants, the legendary Balfron Tower is now undergoing death by Wayne Hemingway 'pop up' exhibition before it is marketed to Canary Wharf bankers and overseas investors. http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/architecture-design-blog/2014/sep/26/wayne-hemingways-pop-up-plan-sounds-the-death-knell-for-the-legendary-balfron-tower
  10. 'Richard Bilton meets families forced out of their homes by landlords, and asks whether or not the government's reliance on the rental sector is placing people at risk.' It's only half an hour, so not expecting much. And Mr B is away, or I'd be betting him ten quid now that there will be no mention of the preferential tax treatment of BTLers.
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