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Found 9 results

  1. Lately I have been trying to find forward looking indications to judge house price movements in real life. I think I found the best one possible. Last year there was an IPO of a REIT called “Private Rental Sector REIT”. They describe themselves as: “ The Company aims to provide investors with an attractive level of income together with the prospect of income and capital growth through investment in a portfolio of newly constructed private rented properties comprising mainly family homes.” They are a build-to-rent company essentially. Their expectations are (from their last quarterly update): “target* a stabilised covered dividend of 5.5p per share and total return of 10%+ on stabilisation (based on the issue price of 100p). The Company is targeting a total dividend of 5.0p per share each year until that point, expected in 2022” Their IPO was £500m at 100p per share. Their expected portfolio looks like this in terms of location. They don’t plan to leverage much, they are currently building their portfolio and most of the areas seem to be in the north, where prices are “still going up”. Assuming they don’t get greedy with debt... I would expect their share price in the London Stock Exchange to track expected house prices. The interesting thing is evolution of their price since IPO. It seems to be in a downtrend. It’s nice because it can be checked every day and cannot be manipulated easily* as it can happen with the indices (even the Land Registry has some dodgy stuff sometimes...). Does it makes sense to you guys and girls or am I talking rubbish? *unless you pour a huge amount of money at it, at your own cost (see FOXT.L or CWD.L)
  2. http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/new-monthly-report-on-transactions-and-prices-claims-to-address-conspicuous-issues-with-industry-data/ Heaton said that foreign investors who have bought new build property in London, Manchester and Birmingham were in many cases struggling to let them out for the rental yields they needed to achieve, and laid part of the blame on agents. She said: “I am staggered by the fibs that are told to these foreign investors.” Citing the example of a recent development in London, she said that the reputable firm of agents selling the units were quoting estimated gross rental returns of 4.3%. In reality, investors would be “doing really well” to achieve 3.5% she said, and that rental estimates quoted by agents to foreign investors on new build properties were often “unattainable”.
  3. Annual house price growth slows to 2.1%, from 2.9% in July Modest 0.1% fall month-on-month Stamp duty revenues rise to new highs Lol... http://www.nationwide.co.uk/~/media/MainSite/documents/about/house-price-index/2017/Aug_2017.pdf
  4. House prices to stay high forever, predicts ex-Bank of England guru http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/06/28/house-prices-stay-high-forever-predicts-ex-bank-england-guru/ A century ago only around 10pc of the UK population owned their own homes, so further falls from today’s levels would not be without precedent. Well there we go, the expert must be right, close the forum and let's find something else to moan about.
  5. Although most on this forum are aware of the global issue of housing bubbles, it's always nice to have a new colourful graph to look at. Zero Hedge have just posted an interesting article looking at a comparison of leading countries HPI and HPC in some cases. It looks at how our reliance on easy credit/debt has lead to HPI that is essentially keeping economies buoyed up. As has been disccused for over a decade on hpc.co.uk it is clear that major economies are supported solely by their housing bubbles. One of the graphs seems to show several of these economies levelling off, or even starting to turn. Check the ZH article here: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-31/our-economies-run-housing-bubbles bB
  6. http://www.halifax.co.uk/house-price-index/ MoM 0.2% QoQ 0.8% YoY 6.0%
  7. Guest

    The Tide Is Turning

    Boomer - "House prices have tripled because of all the demand, especially those Syrians that turn up and buy houses, its chaos. Get in quick and buy somewhere before you miss out" We - "hmmm, the housing stock to population ratio has stayed constant in that time, maybe something else is to blame?" Boomer - "that's just what happens with houses, they always go up!" Us - "maybe the introduction of BTL mortgages in 1996 kicked off a boom?" Boomer - "naah, its just houses .... can't go wrong with bricks n mortar" Us - "London was long a poster child for the House price boom, but that was fuelled by russia and china.... they've all done a runner!" Boomer - "i doubt it - 80% of the london new builds are sold!" Us - "actually 80% of the flats had been reserved by chinese and russians - they've done a runner and sacrificed their small deposit" Boomer - "i don't like your tone young man. You're just bitter because you spent all your deposit money on ipods and drugs" Us - "a lot of new builds are worth less than when they were bought. Aberdeen crashing, SW8 oversupplied, BTL landlords being leant on by the tax man (and becoming a social pariah .... the tide is turning" Boomer - "get off my property" Us - "actually the bank owns most of it remember - you took out equity to build a BTL empire!"
  8. hpi's bleak reality hits women: "I'd prefer [prices] halved even though I lose out" abc1 female focus group in solihull really get it - "gloating...greed...shortsightedness" leading to children being screwed. Almost complete alignment of their views with this site and allegedly concerns reflected across the country... Looks like whichever Party capable of sorting this mess out would clean up at an election. Instead, all we get are the Greens. 19.06 minutes in, enjoy: Womans Hour focus group
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