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Found 5 results

  1. Looks like estate agents are deregistering for VAT and keeping their turnover under 100K by being one man bands to compete with their on-line enemy. Example:- http://www.rightmove.co.uk/estate-agents/agent/Listons-Estates/Warrington-Cheshire-13649.html £595 on completion with No VAT
  2. So I'm currently looking for a new flat to rent in Jan, having talked to a couple of estate agents recently they are all increasingly worried about the upcoming ban on agency letting fees, they consider that it could well put them out business. As far as I can see its only a good thing! I am in a situation now where I have to choose between some flats, moving in January, some directly through landlord, some through agency. My question, as I can't seem to find an answer is WHEN is the ban taking place. This affects me as currently the direct option is more expensive on pure rent but I save on fees. But should the ban start from 1st of Jan then I have a lot more options (although the rent is probably more expensive with fees taken into account anway)
  3. I wanted to ask the members why [in the UK] do we need EA's. After 10 years of privately renting, all through EA's, I do not actually know what t entails to be an estate agent. Do they need a degree or qualification? Are there standards for them to follow? What amount of legal paperwork do they have to do for a sale, or rental? What are they being paid by owners who want to rent or sell? Some EA's I've come across have been alight, but most have been awful. Entitled and arrogant, they think they are making you a favour when showing you a properteeh. I've started to suspect, being an EA is not too complicated, and with HPI+++, it may be seen as a quick way to get rich. If so, wouldn't there be a massive boom in Estate Agents chasing an ever decreasing pool of customers? Every town or city in the UK has rows and rows of EA's with fancy names, on what used to be little shops run by families. This can't be sustainable, surely. Looking at these streets makes me sad, it looks horrible. Another question. Why can't owners, deal directly with tenants or buyers? This happens in every other country in Europe I've been in. It's cheaper to cut the middle man, so why is it that in the UK, the Vast majority of sales and rents are done through EA's? I was going over the classics sections when I came across this http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/6386-the-future-of-estate-agents/ The OP, wondered the internet would put EA's out of business. It certainly hasn't happened.
  4. I was talking to a family friend who was entering second year of university. She was moving from campus accommodation to sharing a rental with three other friends about a mile away from campus for her second year at university. I don't know if she is naive or if this practice is now standard operating procedure. All four of them were required to pay admin fees of 240 pounds each, cool 960 pounds for pretty much no work. then they also had to pay 2 months rent during this summer vacation when the property would be empty. They will move into the property at the beginning of next academic year. The rent is about 320 pounds per month per student without utilities and other expenses. So they are collecting 2560 pounds rent even when the property is empty. So in total they have collected 3520 pounds from the students before they have even moved in. Is this common practice all over the country? I nearly didn't believe it but she assured me that it was very real. She feels a bit railroaded into it as the EAs were very rude when she questioned the admin fees. her friends were not too keen to kick up a fuss as they felt they did not have many other choices as they were a bit late searching compared to other students. Even so, it strikes me as sheer exploitation.
  5. --Banning agent fees to tenants-- Anyone who hasn't sent a letter to their MP about this, do it now! It will only take 30 secs! http://act.generationrent.org/lobby/letfees
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