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Found 7 results

  1. I wanted to start a thread with very informative documentaries for any HPC'er. I'll start with theses twoe must's: 1) http://documentary-movie.com/inside-job/ Narrated by Mat Damon, the documentary explains the wallstreet crash of 08. Subjects include liar loans (predatory loans), Collaterlatised Debt Obligations and Securities Fraud. 2) Princes of the Yen This documentary explains the rise and fall of the Japanese economy between the end of WWII and the bubble crash of the 80's.
  2. Hi, I have been asked to take up a post tutoring a child in economics. I did economics at university, but I still remember the best books were the course book I had at school in Scotland, for what was then called O Grade and Higher Economics (circa 1987-88). I did buy a self-help book at the same time for the English A-Level Economics course (a big book with a large orange "A" on the cover), but I remember thinking it was not quite so good. Does anyone know the best place to go for old economics textbooks? Or maybe you can recommend the best recent one, which goes through basic economics fr
  3. So, I guess we're all agreed on this forum that house price inflation began in late '90s and continued onwards due to deregulation of money creation by private banks. This includes Building Society de-mutualisation, and allowing banks into the residential mortgage market. I have since been following Prof Richard Werner, Prof Steve Keen and read Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson. Also 'Debt: The First 500 Years' by David Graeber and 'Austerity, The History of a Really Bad Idea' is a great book too. There are 3 sources of creation of money: a) BOMD (Bank Originated Money and De
  4. Over the past decade, we've experienced some extraordinary economic and monetary events... yet, on the surface, at least, everything appears to continue much as before. It feels as if the tangible effects from the political and economic situation only expose themselves in subtle ways - and, if one were disinterested, one might even fail to notice changes. This left me thinking about the 'big picture' - wondering if civil society is (gradually) shifting towards some new paradigm... a 'new way of thinking' that will result in new ways of conducting one's life - with new kinds of opportunities
  5. So this does read like a Daily Mash story, but in not finding the killer joke/exaggeration I'm left trying to delay stupefaction till somebody can point out Monbiot has been at the funny cigarettes again. In the meantime fill yer boots: David Cameron Letter Protesting Cuts in Oxfordshire
  6. I have always been interested in Economics and I studied the subject at school and university. I went to the local comprehensive in Scotland and a (supposedly) top school of economics at a British university. The teaching at school was very good. Our teachers basically told us what was what, explaining fractional reserve banking, the gold standard (I came away understanding it was the best system), money as debt and the current state of the economy (I can still remember the prices for crude oil at that time, mostly $18, will probably soon be experiencing deja vu!). Then I got to university a
  7. Interesting article about Keynes today in the New Statesmen. I think Keynes gets a bad time, especially on HPC particularly from people who have never read him. Anyway.. ..and http://www.newstatesman.com/economics/2014/06/paul-mason-what-would-keynes-d
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