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  1. There were 3 of them with placards at the city end of London Bridge this morning. Having already read this thread I ignored them with a smile...
  2. 'Fess us it was you that tinkered with the brakes wasn't it? 😉
  3. I would say people over 55 - being 52 I watched the World Cup last year together with the Bodyguard and Killing Eve and that's it. I do resent paying that yearly tribute. As for this years favourites, I'll add in Clintons to do an HMV... Will be a rocky year for Intu if Debenhams bite the bullet. Their Lakeside Centre has HoF and Debenhams as their anchor tenants and HoF is going. Perhaps not this year but in 2020 one shopping centre could close.
  4. I wonder if they hot tubbed with John Major and Edwina Currie?
  5. Scratch harder and I bet underneath Mr Soros is stirring things up...
  6. Yes private vested interests.. which would make him a fascist then? So a fascist beat another fascist? Or was it a fascist beat a nationalist?
  7. What ever happened to Herne Hill? Has it been erased from the map? Is there some Stalinist/1984 social re-engineering going on here? Is "North Dulwich" a leper colony hence the availability of seats? 😄
  8. The Intu shopping centre experience? The Lakeside one has Debenhams at one end and... HoF at the other (now closing)...
  9. Orpington has a good train service as well* * subject to engineering works, over running engineering works, snow, rain, hail, thunder & lightening, frost, sun, frozen points, signalling problems, leaves on the line, trees on the line, trespass on the line, dead people on the line, congestion, customer taken ill, broken down trains, incidents where the emergency services are attending, line side fires
  10. Actually about ... £500. £750 to £1k and you can live comfortably (but no flash cars/holidays).
  11. There's a lot of Daily Mail type ignorance about this issue so let's clear it up for once and for all. If you've savings over £23,250 you're"self funding" your care costs. The only govt financial assistance is the attendance allowance which works out a couple of thousand per year at the lower band. If your savings go below £23,250 the council will chip in for 90 days and if you've a house they can legally expect you to sell that house within that period. Depending on the council, if you can't sell the house then they may offer a loan or put a charge against the house. Any council that doesn't count the home as capital deserves to go bankrupt. https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/means-tests-for-help-with-care-costs-how-they-work
  12. Not surprising giving the eye watering cost of a bike from there. Can you get them on PCP? This shop is in Mark Lane near Fenchurch St. It's a small back road and in a basement of an office block. I walk past it every day to work and never seen anyone go in or come out of there. The much larger Spitalfields branch is a 10min ramble from it.
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