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  1. Yes that would mean having to have properly trained chefs not some minimum wage teen with an NVQ in doing beans on toast. That's the whole point of these places is to keep the costs down and make the experience "affordable" for most people. The quality of the food is a secondary concern. Pile it high and if it's crap you can drown it in ketchup..
  2. Across the board - Partners to take a bigger hit.
  3. Alas not house prices but my wages.. Only "temporary" and will be returned once key performance triggers are reached. So permanent then with the ever changing goalposts! This is the law world in London. How's everyone else?
  4. Oh yes how could I forget that๐Ÿ˜ It's a shame that he was 10 years too early..
  5. THE LEGEND! And that's 100% correct๐Ÿ˜
  6. I wouldn't bother with that - just insist on seeing both sides of the banks ledger. There isn't because 97% of the money magically appeared when computer says yes. Oh and add the totally fictitious interest on top of the non existant debt.. Feel free to look up fractional reserve banking, you really can fool everyone all the time!
  7. Joe can't afford to pay the mortgage. Bank attempts to repo home. Joe askes bank for evidence of the credit and debit side of their ledger to prove the loss. Joe keeps insisiting on this. Bank caves in as they can only show the debit side and Joe signs an NDA and keeps the home for free... That's how it's done folks. I wish I knew that before I paid up the mortgage!
  8. Might be something to to with the 3 Swiss gold refineries closing down. I believe 80% of the worlds gold goes through them.
  9. I know where my gold is. No wallet fees for me either! Isee BTC is 50% off it's high so not the best investment then.
  10. I could rant on about the poor quality socks. Wear them twice and more holes than an Edam cheese..
  11. Clintons (again) Another "poundworld" type chain. House of Fraser M&S/Boots/John Lewis closing more stores Game Debenhams Waterstones?
  12. My money is on the goverment winning - they always do no matter who you vote for ๐Ÿ˜‰ Apparently exit polls on TeeVee say 85 seat majority to Boris.
  13. I wonder how much foreign money funds left wing groups? I wonder how much foreign money funds Muslim extremist groups? How many groups are funded by wealthy foreign individuals such as George Soros? I wonder how many football clubs are funded by foreign money? I wonder how much money the government gets from the EU? So once again we find evidence of foreign interference in our domestic affairs. The population and our government is endlessly manipulated against the best interest of its own people.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜€ Can anyone else think of any other activities that are funded by foreign wealth?
  14. Good post - I spent 5 years dealing with my father and his dementia. I learnt early on to take a step back and just deal with life on a day to day basis and be uber organised. That saved my sanity. For others out there, do get the attendance allowance firstly at the lower level and then at the higher level. That's a couple of K a year tax free and every little bit counts. If your parent has an ongoing non dementia illness then do look into CHC funding (continuing healthcare funding). That's very draining to hear about your brother. If my one did that to me he would have ending up in intensive care. Luckily for me it actually bought us a lot closer together as to up that point we didn't really see each other. So I lost a father and gained a brother, given the circumstances that was a fair trade!
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