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  1. Interest rates went up to 16% for a couple of hours one afternoon before we the Tories stopped the trying to prop up the pound. I remember that well, the disbelief in the office that afternoon and the tension. You could the feel the anger rising..
  2. ..and the Germans turned up on Soviet soil because they were invited to? They sat around drinking schnapps with the locals? Or was it a war of extermination of the untermensch Slavs?🙄
  3. Wasn't the French armaments industry beset by industrial action during the 30's caused by communist agitators acting on the orders of Moscow? Their airforce was outdated not helped by the said industrial action. Also they had now idea how to tactically deploy their tanks unlike Fuller & Guderian. The Char B was not that brilliant as the commander had to aim and load the gun as well as the turret was too small.
  4. On the subject of fertiliser, I have raided the local garden centres today for N, P & K stuff. I now have enough to keep my modest estate going for 20 years.Who knows that might be financially profitable in the long run! Just to cover bases I need to get a wormery.
  5. Go on admit it - you drove to the gym and then walked on the treadmill for 15 mins 😄
  6. ..And this is why for the last 20 years I've had a Cosco card. It's my anti inflationary tool. Back to bulk buying of food & essentials like my parents did in the 70's & 80's.
  7. With you on £3/Litre. We'll do fast and furious around the roads with my knackered Yaris😁
  8. I not going to argue with you but my memory was 3x single persons salary and 3.5 for a couple. That went all out the window when Labour came in. The impression I got when finding a mortgage was that I couldn't find a mortage for more that 3x.
  9. I remember looking for a one or two bedroom flat around Croydon in late '92-93. You could tell the reposessions as the kitchens and bathrooms were totally ripped out. ..And there were quite a few as wellI! In the end I bought a 2 bedroom masionette nearer to my parents (next borough over) which cost me £47,500. The owners were desperate to sell and they had bought it for £60K in the late 80's. At the time the mortgage multiplier was in effect so 3x my salary and interest rates were 9%..
  10. Not vaccinated - just getting over Covid or should I say a bout of medium strength tonsilitis... My wife is double vaccinated, is postive but only has a minor sore throat. At least that'll end the pro/anti vax arguments in our house😁
  11. Er actually gold was £1,100 10 years ago and is now £1,300....
  12. Yes I'm an introvert and my productivity has shot up wfh. Even if I work a long day I'm still at the most, only half as tired and stressed as I was doing a normal day in the office.
  13. Likewise ours has been put back to 31th August if you don't want to go in. We can work 3 days home/2 days in although the email we got it assumed everyone had been vaxxed. I haven't so will be interesting what they do with me!
  14. At least you had the option of a NHS dentist! I had to go private and funnily enough I've looked after my teeth a lot more since. I have a Turkish Cypriot dentist who has 4 kids and he now only works Mondays & Wednesdays! (no - he doesn't own the practice)
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