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  1. ok ill give you one. Argentina - buy a ******ing nice place for about 75000 pounds still. buy another to rent out - get constant income stream in us dollars (all rents here) - so income in dollars against pathetic argentine peso living costs. Youd have 50 grand left over from the 200,000 - with that could even buy a nice holiday place. buenos aires is an incredible city. I wouldnt do this but there are far far far worse options if you have no moral issues, dont want to do anything more "worthy" with your life than just live an easy life. just proof that 200,000 pounds can go a hell of a long way in a "nice" country.
  2. I went to a top private school as well, and as the poster "okonu" said something that makes me think just possibly he went there too....but maybe not, little deans yard ring bells? I will say that this is in the top 10 nationally, fantastic school, it is also seriously pressured. Pros - you get the best education possible. So hard to get in (academic requirements) so you are learning with the best. - 50% get into oxbridge. All the rest into the other top universities. anything below is unheard of. - basically guaranteed a well paying job. if you want. but opens your mind so you can reject the chase for money if you so want and concentrate on something more vocational. cons - bullying. i wouldnt say rife, but happens. - Much more important - SOCIAL. I could only go because my rich dad paid my fees. However i grew up with my mum who was not rich. AS such i live in a nice but 'normal' area and have lots of state school friends. Too many of my old school peers grew up in priviliged cocoons and as such are social cripples. For me, having seen how my state school friends have got on, the best ones have advanced just as far as me, some even better. for my kids i will send them to a good state school if theres one in the area. Otherwise theyre going to the best private school going (assuming i can earn the cash). But for me, a good state school would seem like the best bet?
  3. For people who are bored of London i could not reccomend Buenos Aires more! I am a born and bred londoner, have lived in the same house all my life near Brook Green, Hammersmith, and went to school, university in the city too. I love my city but the prices kill me. Im not going back to live untill something changes (if ever). I decided on Buenos Aires after travelling all over the world for a long time and just having liked this place the most. I had also heard many good things about it and wanted to perfect another language for myself and for job options (spanish is not easy to learn but easier than say chinese!) and i have loved it here for the last 6 months. Got a job over here before coming. But lots of opportunites here right now. For 100,000 uk pounds you can buy a luxury penthouse in the best area of town. Chuck in the best football atmospheres, best nightlife ive ever seen, low prices for goods, amazing steak and the beautiful women and its a no brainer where im staying for the next 2 years. My only advice in general would be dont limit yourself to the traditionally easier options as you could miss out on something special.
  4. How come do you have homes in many countries? If you don't mind me asking how do you afford such a lifetsyle?
  5. Uruguay is quite interesting but i would say discount punte del este - prices have risen far too much recently to be interesting any more (its also vile) Montevideo has more potential. The old town area of MonteV you mention is safe and will increase in value, but there are others which will rise more (but obv slightly more risk). However, its not in my 'area' but if you are really interested in SAmerica - brazil is probably the most interesting - especially with the recent news of the world cup. Avoid off plan and you could do well (investment) or just have a great holiday home with decent rent potential and capital growth.
  6. I live in Buenos Aires full time, I now work for a property company out here - that deals in Argentina and also Uruguay/paraguay/chile. Thanks for previous information Lewis I would say honestly that Argentina is not quite as attractive as it was 2/3 years ago, but as the property market is priced solely in US dollars this is really keeping things interesting for uk investors. (its like saying in 2001 uk market not as attractive as in 1998: possible equivalent) If you would like more detailed information the 1st poster, give me a private message
  7. Call 01527 527666 ask for Terry and register your interest there. I'm sure he'll be happy to keep you informed of developments or lack of - Good luck

  8. "I think the queues of people outside the banks in 2001 says it all really." what, like in England, in 2007? surely not Sir!
  9. It is certainly true that after the economic crash of 2001 several argentinians moved to Spain. However, many of them have come back since.
  10. If using that logic - we should never invest anywhere that has had severe economic problems in the past? That was in 2001, the economy has grown an average of 9% annually the last 3 years and real estate purchases are priced in us dollars, all in cash, therefore concerns over the banking system are not so important. surely there is someone around whose brains i can pick, or has some experience here?
  11. noone has anything to say? im aware this is boring but im really keen to learn more
  12. Hi all, I am interested in views on investing in buenos aires in particular. I don't know why this city in particular has not received more attention on this forum? Recently, there have been many articles fom BA magazine, independent, guardian, teleraph etc hyping this place. I travelled here recently and love it, so cheap, beautiful buildings, economy improving from crash of 2001, rising local wealth, booming tourism, shortage of luxury hotels so easy to rent out to businessmen. Seems like short term rent while long term capital appreciation - also no capital gains tax to pay here. Anyone know something i dont or can offer advice appreciated? Im a young investor, with little experience in property so i know i'm far from an expert.
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