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  1. I like this idea : This is what we are making, it will cost this much, do you want one. Definetely cuts out waste as you have commited buyers. Also with the Raspberry Pi and SmartPhones in general, I am questioning my allegiance with Apple and Microsoft.
  2. Is this the beginning (finally). Chinese market turning out to be a central government illusion to the rest of the world, US money printing now being scaled back, and the FTSE showing no sign of recovery without the printing presses. Oh and the business blonde on the BBC Breakfast used the phrase "printing presses turned off".
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktCWU6R-CNk Enjoy the value of the goodwill store.
  4. With fracking now given the go-ahead, you can add being stuck in a home that is potentially slowly poisoning you to death if you buy.
  5. GO fracking!!!! Yeah lets ignore the health issues, the ground water contamination issues and the fault lines caused by it; just as long as there are no wind turbines to spoil the view of the NIMBYS as they sit around wasting oxygen for another 10 years. More nuclear more wind. End of.
  6. OK, can't see LDN lasting now as Camden are looking at increasing council tax on empty properties to increase their budget shortfall. Not much thinking required for Devon and Cornwall to follow suit then. End game finally here? Options are now what to prolong high house prices?
  7. Part of it looking to be sold to Sports Direct http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19792124
  8. IIRC reading somewhere that MacD's need you to buy Fries and a Drink or a meal to make profit. If you only order the main parts and forgo those 'extras' then it will be hard for them to make money.
  9. Simon FOx is the prime example of Seagull management style.
  10. The only thing that burying power lines does is make NIMBYs happy and increase cost of energy bills. My brief electrical knowledge tells me that there is still a current passing through a wire creating a field around it.
  11. Planning approval for a self build is easy; here is the best way to do it. 1) Get turned down for planning approval 2) Go to local rag and say that several members of the planning committee approached you before the hearing on your application and said they could smooth things over. 3) Reapply. You think that local councillors run for office for the benefit of the community?? Of course I could be wrong.
  12. Still going for $8 after 12 months. This is the ultimate hot air company, produces nothing of any real value and at some point another fad will replace it. I cite MySpace as a source.
  13. A lot of savvy (read cunning) Chinese factory owners have been investing in other companies (which in no way are they the owners of as they are located in some labyrinthine networks) in Africa and other third world countries. Then they have been selling (at a discount for wear of the machinery) their machinery to the new companies and not replacing it. So when the wage demands come in and they hand the keys back to the workers party there is nothing worth handing over. Interesting eh?
  14. Great programme on C4 about using cash instead of cards makes managing your own money easier, and only serves to increase the banks profit margins.
  15. Totally overhyped and valued. Users proven not to use the advertising. Tis a bubble is what it is. $8 in a year. No mobile advertising and clients like GM switching off, where is the revenue coming from?
  16. Used to be employed to fly. I have told my company if they want to save money by me flying RyanAir they can go fnck themselves. A plane having a turnaround that short will at some point miss something, the poor flight crew will get the blame not the management. RyanAir is an accident waiting to happen.
  17. Also funny how they have yet to connect : High Housing Cost = Uncompetitive Globally
  18. Anyone catch the 'save the housebuilders' article this morning? Even trotted out "Clear economic benefit to building homes" argument. What so people lend money to buy something from an over-leveraged company on an over-priced asset to lock themselves into a loan? Hmmm what with the tools used by the homebuilder probably coming from china and the money for the loans originating either in china, middle east or a printing press? Poor FTB though being prevented from buying, why didn't anyone say houses are just too expensive though?
  19. Yes that is an awful lot of mortgage just about doable jobs gone.
  20. Anyone else catch the piece on ex-pats trying to sell their overpriced executive holiday apartments (also known as 'Flats'). EA in spain (British) saying people can't sell and have had to move back to cope with problems back in the UK but stuck with an overpriced asset in Spain that they cannot get rid of. Oh dear.
  21. Ah and Repsol/Spain thought by not backing the UK they would get away with it. Still if I were Repsol I would have looked at the infrastructure that I had installed and be figuring ways to remotely destroy it. Mind you Argentina's best friend the USA will be in there to rebuild no doubt.
  22. Use in the site has already peaked in the developed world. Can't see it being worth anything, a lot of my net savvy friends are already barely using the site.
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