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  1. well i didnt consider myself there landlord as this was never a profit exercise and i made a loss from day one. Although we made a bit on the house eventually ,i split it with them and now the money i used to subsidise the house for them i give to them directly and they are actually financialy a lot better off.My father in law now doesnt have to work. I kind of expected the automatic "evil landlord" comment from here as landlords (as oppossed to the pension grabbing gov) are the root of evil. I guess i should have kept on to the depreciating asset(house) then got repossesed due to not being able to pay the mortgage then had negative equity followed by bankrupty and the loss of my own house.I would obviously then be in a brilliant position to support my gf and parents. As for the council housing,as my father in law is now regisitered disabled and my mum is over60 they managed to get prioty status.They had been on the waiting list but the fact that i was letting them live in my house effectivly near rent free meant( i have been paying 2/3 of the mortgage) meant the council didnt have to do anything to help. Might as well get some of the vast amounts of tax both i and my parents have paid over the years back.My parents worked their whole lives without claiming benefit and are entitled to some state help.I doubt i will ever see any benefit of the tax system or pension i pay into. but yes your right with your insinuation that i sold the roof over the head .How dare i actually plan ahead...
  2. erm ,so the council doesnt fix your pothole,you(and various other people) sue them for the money,then they pay you. So they pay you from where? erm council tax? so you pay your own fine? or more likely you pay the fine for other people with not enough to do who actually have the time to fill the forms in. im guessing the only people who would fill these stuff in would be our fav layabout scumbags who dont contribute to sociey anyway. Is this not just a way to boost benefits on the sly? joy..
  3. raj, Might is suggest you look for distressed sellers on the wonderfull "rightmove " site? Dont worry about searching for "distressed sellers" as an option,as frankly they are all.....
  4. Afternoon, I just exchanged/completed on a house today.Bought 18 months ago for 85k in bridlington/yorkshire sold for 95k. The estate agent orignally wanted to put it up at 115k! and i told him 99 sale price. This is a 3 bed semi and on the market at 99k undercut anything else in the town in the same bracket.Hence it actually sold. Solicitor was as relieved as i was,she reckons a half of her sales are not going thu,and this is on seriouly reduced volumes anyhow. Cant really count myslef as proper STR though as this house was one i bought for my financialy incompetant(and now bankrupt) parents.You reckon kids are expensive? try old folks who burned there inheritance and resources on pointless depreciating nonsense(cars,holidays etc) They coudnt afford to pay even the minimal rent on this place to cover the tiny mortage it has and are now in a council house that is frankly nicer than the one we sold.With my income nosediving and property prices dying a death i bailed out on this just before it became a negative equity disaster(and i have been heavily subsiding it for a year anyhow) There are now in a a fully funded taxpayer supported council house.No repair bills,rental contract for life(cant be kicked out unless they stop paying!)..At 35 this is something im sure i will never benefit from in old age. I have read a lot on here about 20 and 30 somethigns burning there cash up and overspending on "hello!" lifestyles,but my parents and other "older" people have done exactly the same thing chasing the "saga" dream of round the world crusies and golf. At least the 20/30 somethings have some life left to earn money.What are the older lot to do? Without the financial support i continue to give to my parents they would be in near poverty(albeit it with a nice council house). Luckily i dont have kids to support or i woudl be in a support sandwich of financialy assisting parents AND children.I pity anyone in that posisiton as there are abandoning their own futures. yours very relieved(no not in a rude way) Neil ps Now all i have to worry about my place i bought in brighton depreciating.Bought at a 25% discount from last summers peak in november last year.At the current predictions of a 50% drop,i shall be 25% down and just avoiding negative equity.Thank god(and you lot) i didnt pay full price for it.
  5. bought in novemeber last year with 16% off. Main reason was i was contracting and the work market was looking bad,it was either take a great mortgage deal or wait a very long time and the other half isnt exactly patient. We got a "lifetime" tracker,no fees,never have to remortgage or get credit scored (im terrible at paying the old CC late) at bank of england +0.6%...,.doubt there are any deals like that left. Expect to loose another 10% - but we have a basement flat in the property generating 550 a month so is a smaller real time loss. To be honest,if it had been just up to me i would have waited. Estate agent was DESPERATE to do a deal and this was back in nov! he told the vender not to be an idiot and take the offer. We also dropped the offer price a week before exchange by 17k expecting to be told to get lost and it still went thru! The 17k drop was due to some juicy info from HPC and i doubt we would have had the confidence to get that without the info on here.thanks chaps.. The house was owned by an amateur developer who was in debt and had been over -developed.Reckon he was in deep doodoos with the mortgage,so may explain the panic. GOOD LUCK! ps currently waiting for some brighton city centre flats to hit rock bottom before buying up some for a retirement fund. Expect at least 50% off.
  6. if you get re-possessed can you then legally squat in your (ex) own home? better ask hackney council....
  7. talking to some chaps in the office, if(and it looks like when!) we hit 30% DOWN on list prices for houses,or even more ,one way to limit your losses if you have to sell will be to avoid cretinous estate agents and either sell online or privately. Once the public gets used to selling online and saving 000's will they ever go back to the high street EA? or is it game over for them? This wasnt an issue in the last crash as we didnt have the modern web.
  8. i agree,you need to save. still,i blew the last couple of years money ...on a house......finally gave in to the other half late last year. got 50k reduction off a 350k house,mostly due to dropping some juicy HPC site quotes on the estate agent. Still it was her deposit money "earned" from HPI that got ploughed in as well. looks like should have gone for another 50k off. least we have a lodger in the downstairs flat who pays half the mortgage and i took a fraction of the mortagage i was offered.The mortgage consultants reckoned they could get me 500k -650k tops if i wanted it.Lunacy. ah well,i dont have any money to loose in the next round of northern rock II (B& lol.
  9. I agree,just went perm with BT(under protest) Have been contracting here for 2yrs and was in the top 10 hitlist of "expensive" contractors to get rid of since xmas. Funny they dont find the 600k project to replace what i have been doing at a fraction of the cost with a strategic solution which doesnt work..hmmmpp.. ah well we all need at least 4 project managers per techie dont we? Serioulsly though,i went perm after talking to several recruitment consultants who said the market was "dead". Had to do the same thing in the last slump so used to it now.Going to use my perm time to get trained in some new stuff and enjoy the extensive holiday ! I have several IT friends out of work for the first time ever ...!
  10. But its already "happened here.." .....please dont abuse me! but i completed on a house in brighton 2 weeks ago. Was on in late nov for 350k. Got accepted at 317k Called back and pulled out in dec,price drop to 299k..we pulled out and the estate agent begged us to put another offer in. The place has been way over developed,3 bathrooms,high quality finishing etc.The "developer" was a small fry chap and i doubt he made mutch money on the deal after having to gut the place.Where also in a weird position between a posh road and whitehawk,bit like no mans land with a crazy price drop /rise either street of us. so thats 50k of the price ! will probably drop another 30k-50k to bottom,but as a contractor my mortage options were looking bleak and the property is 3 storey with a basement flat let out at £550 a month,against a £1325 replayment mgage.Currenlty i have a 3 month work contract,but it looks likely to go weekly (eek!) and contracting is going to get mutch harder due to this recession business. just started building a photogrpahic studio space in the back (25 sqm log cabin,you could live in it!) and hopefully will net at least £250 a month on that..if not can rent it out to the eastern european builders who are building it.. FYI - we looked at 30+ properties in woodingdean,hove ,east brighton last year.Until nov nobody woudl look at an "offer" and expected asking price! .All the estate agents were tossers. Interestingly the one who arranged our house knew about housepricecrash when i mentioned it and immeadialty cut the BS and admitted "its a buyers market...he just wants out..how mutch can you afford?"!!!!!!! --thanks for the ammo guys. now how mutch am i losing a day? (net against my income of £750 from the property minus er delcared tax of course erm..).....just coudnt bear renting any longer and my landlord tried to up the rent £200 PMO at the last extension!
  11. bastards..i read this in the argus while at the gym today...absolute ramping vi rubbish... "price increases are slowing" ..no mention of actual price drops!
  12. i would be up for meeting in london during the week.. sorry i lurk alot ,dont actually login that mutch esp interested in talking to anyone who has views on brighon prices. ps loving the daily bear food...between you guys and bloomberg im in heaven....all those falling bank stocks..awwwww
  13. nice to know its a national effort...thought maybe the local bloke had lost it and gone postal in an EA kind of way. I meant what EA admits to price cuts???
  14. wow...newhaven is a dump anyhow,full of chavs and too far from brighton to commute.peacehaven is bad enough as it is. Cant wait for a 25% drop down here ...
  15. yep it does say "committed"...i wasnt quite sure what that meant. Brighton is suppossed to be "immune" from house price reductions..!
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