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  1. Equity price dislocations have historically proved to be buying opportunities on a 3-6mth time frame. Thereafter risk returns to "normal". 1987, 1998, 2011, 2014, 2015 as examples. Dislocations are usually caused by new information (Remain win was base case), low liquidity, cascading sell offs, margin calls etc. In essence a rush for the exits, which tends to blow itself out within a few days.
  2. Tom Newton Dunn Verified account ‏@tnewtondunn Wow, Merkel wants a #Brexit rethink. Chf of stf Peter Altmaier, UK "should have the possibility to reconsider the consequences of an exit" Anyone who thinks this is all done & dusted is being incredibly naive. This is only just the start. New Tory PM, new Labour leader, Merkel desperately trying to delay any decisions & seeking ways to keep UK IN, EU together, Euro from breaking up......
  3. +1 German banks in the bin. German manufacturers screaming in her ear. First thing she needs to do is remove Juncker before she loses control of her own destiny
  4. Well he turned London housing into a global asset class
  5. He says lots of things Legislation to implement the referendum decision must be passed in Parliament where 50% Tories nearly 100% labour SNP et al are remainers This still has a long long way to run Cameron in spite of his expensive Eton education seems to have been incapable of working out the consequences of a Leave vote when he rashly promised the referendum in the first place for the simple reason his hubris prevented him from contemplating this outcome
  6. Indeed. But that is an entirely different argument to your post using 'average earnings' I don't have time to work out the earnings above which FIRE becomes possible and it will of course depend on many factors but it seems likely to be multiple of average earnings. 2-3 times seems very likely. It may even be much higher than that, say > £100,000 in many situations. I think it is only reasonable to be aware of and accept this. It is simply not possible on average earnings.
  7. 6 EU foreign ministers' statement http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/EN/Infoservice/Presse/Meldungen/2016/160625_Gemeinsam_Erklaerung_Gruenderstaatentreffen_ENG_VERSION.html They're seriously rattled. Johnson never wanted to leave he wanted a strong hand for renogotiation and a 2nd referendum Johnson is not Farage and was at pains to distance himself from Farage Johnson wants power. We won't ever 'leave' the EU.
  8. FTSE now up 2.66% on the week. Which is a pretty good week. So much for #DOOMAGEDDON
  9. Nope. Still dominated by a metropolitan elite in Westminster. Corbyn was very careful not to go all-in on Remain. he has been proved correct & they still refuse to accept it. Big question is whether Boris (assuming he becomes PM in autumn) will go to the country soon after or bottle it like Brown did when Blair quit & try and to hang on unelected until 2020.
  10. Motion of no confidence in Corbyn tabled. Didnt take Mandelson et al long to stick the knife in.
  11. Not sure why Scotland would want to be in an EU which fragments which it already is doing with Brexit. Britain will do fine, it is EU which is falling apart.
  12. Juncker: Camerons Feb renegotiation now revoked Sturgeon: 2nd Scottish referendum now back on the table due to Scotland voting Remain. Preparing legislation
  13. Well, Merkel has really f&cked this one up, just as she did with Greece.
  14. IGSquawk ‏@IGSquawk 13m13 minutes ago Sterling recovering after shock #Brexit vote. Cable hit a low of $1.3232, now trading $1.3950, #EURGBP below £0.80 #GBPUSD RO Meh
  15. Keeping my powder dry for the next significant dip. Usually get some sort of retest within 2-3 weeks after initial vol dies down. If not the one after. They come along sooner or later
  16. FTSE UP 0.5% this week. DOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!
  17. Ian Harris ‏@bognorb Live scenes from the channel tunnel #EURefResults #EUref #referendum
  18. And there we have it in quite spectacular style!
  19. YouGuv & Hedgie polls 52% : 48% Not sure how this genie will ever go back in the bottle.
  20. Echo echo boom UK will dominate Europe in 20-30 years What me must do is invest in the infrastructure to support it now.
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