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  1. I said I submit that living in a 1 bed flat for 1/4 century & having no kids is the definition of very exceptional circumstances. Best of luck to you. I also said in my earlier response to WICAO that I was not being critical of FIRE as a strategy but simply that amassing a high 6 or 7 figure pot - his words not mine - was not possible on "average earnings" - his words not mine. It is "willy waving" from people earning signficantly more than average earnings, I contended at least 2-3x in most cases, & likely receiving higher rate pension tax relief. In early forum discussions we establised the bulk of WICAOs FIRE fund came from savings & not investment returns. This is very much a top 10 percentile & above pursuit & it would simply be honest of its proponents to admit that. Im really not sure why they are reluctant so to do.
  2. Perhaps not but you get lovely cheap British strawberries!
  3. Sam Coates Times Verified account ‏@SamCoatesTimes I'm told Boris Johnson has made clear to Tory right he WILL end EU free movement after Telegraph column y'day angered ppl. Assuming he gets the gig.
  4. Sorry to disappoint you. But no. I am interested in the serious business of house prices, the economy, asset prices, macro developments & risk as well as (and more importantly imo) the social impacts of policy.
  5. Well I suppose in the very immediate febrile aftermath of a narrow Leave vote it would not have looked good to deny it. Especially since Cameron called the referendum. he can claim to be a democrat & as you say blame any backtracking on Boris in due course. Clever move really. Playin the long game.
  6. You said that before the general election as well didnt you? UKIP has 1 seat. Politics is about compromise. When the dust settles there will be a compromise. This isnt Russia!
  7. Phillip Inman ‏@phillipinman Lord Turnbull tells TSC #Article50 should not be triggered until all prep done by @cabinetofficeuk and that means "not in 2016" as per
  8. Exactly. Article 50 will be kicked into the long grass. Precisely why Cameron has kicked it there this week. There it will remain. We will never leave the EU unless it collapses of its own accord. By the time Boris (or whoever) is PM, labour have regrouped around a moderate, the referendum vote is barely remembered & the markets have calmed down, Boris & Merkel will come to a compromise which as we know is what Boris wanted all along. Labour will cast their Brexiteers to the winds (and/or UKIP) and the world will carry on.
  9. Feel free to add your links. You missed the last major opportunity 6-7 years ago
  10. Samuel Tombs ‏@samueltombs As things stand, the collapse in housebuilder share prices is consistent with a 5% fall in house prices next year: Buying opp next year. Probably.
  11. Samuel Tombs ‏@samueltombs As things stand, the collapse in housebuilder share prices is consistent with a 5% fall in house prices next year:
  12. Italy may be next domino to fall - Elections in October, Renzi policies unpopular, debt, banks, output etc, impact on EU/Z greater than Brexit. (I dont think it was a subs article, but maybe)
  13. Mohamed A. El-Erian ‏@elerianm FYI, post #Brexit #referendum ,S&P stripsthe #UK of its AAA sovereign credit rating Osbornes claim to economic competency rapidly unravelling in front of his eyes.
  14. Its a very simple point: FIRE on average earnings is not possible (except in very exceptional circumstances) Claiming it is possible if you increase your wages is a completely different argument.
  15. Neither did I. But ditto. From memory his constituents (Trafford) backed remain c 60% to 40% so not entirely sure who he thinks he represents but it wasnt his constituents in the referendum at least
  17. Sky News ‏@SkyNews 4m4 minutes ago A new leader of the Conservative Party and PM will be appointed by Friday 2 September latest. 1922 Committee agree.
  18. Well thats the end of Osbornes claim to Tory "economic competency". Not that it held any validity to start with but this was all his (and Daves) idea
  19. http://app.ft.com/cms/s/009468b0-3b89-11e6-8716-a4a71e8140b0.html Italy may be next domino to fall (finally)
  20. Its all nothing more than posturing at this point. I very much doubt VW, BMW & Mercedes bosses want to lose UK market to Tesla when push comes to shove whatever Schauble may say in in the interim. Increasingly EU countries are calling his bluff.
  21. how? BoE have got liquidity covered & can cut rates if they believe it will make much difference. Until something actually changes, which it hasnt, not sure what he would do. Moreover he will be far too busy plotting his leadership campaign to worry just now about slashing pensions & raising taxes (as he warned 2 weeks ago)
  22. Helen Thomas ‏@helentbbc 51m51 minutes ago Chancellor in short - no change until new prime minister. No punishment budget but doesn’t sound like he’s loosening purse strings either. Project Fear was in fact Project Bollux
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