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  1. I find it really annoying when agents say "suit investment buyer" or "ideal investment" when the properties will return a 5% yield on a HMO let and you can get 5.5% in a cahoot savings account without the deductions for maintenance and repair! I have never seen this said in other areas? I also wonder whether by saying are they giving financial advice being a breach under of financial services law? Is it just me?
  2. Things must be bad if Ashley Jones & Partners state in the paticulars "We have pleasure in ofering..." Are they taking the piss!
  3. TTRTR - your link to shelter is a web page dated November 2003 and again refers to the Housing BILL not the Housing ACT 2004 which received royal assent in November 2004. Bills get debated through Parliament and change. The statute is primary source material, not interpretations of what the bill was intended to cover. I wish I had misinterpreted the legislation. There is even a test for self contained flats and that is wholly contrary to the case you are making!
  4. The average salary in Swansea is 14k. The price of a terraced house in the Sandfields is 130k. Salary to price multiple of 9.29. Swansea is way over priced. Barretts are selling 4 bed houses in Llwyn Teg Forestfach for 162k, 3 bed semi for 136k. Even a FTB would prefer a new Barrett home to Sandfields! The pricing is all wrong in central Swansea.
  5. I wouldn't want to live anywhere which sounds as if it has turk in the name!
  6. TTRTR, The sources that you are looking are commentaries on the Housing Bill. The Housing Bill looks nothing like the Housing Act 2004 which you can view at www.hmso.gov.uk. Have a look - it isn't pleasant reading for the BTLers.
  7. As we are dealing with headlines, I understand the winner of Miss Page 3 in the Sun is supposed to be worth a look!
  8. I am interested in knowing where you get your info. I want to get this straight. I am looking at the Housing Act 2004. The new test is say for a shared house are: it consists of one or more units of living accomodation not consisting of a self contained flat or flats; and the living acomodation is occupied by persons who do not form a sungle household; and the living accomodation is occupied by those persons as their only or main residence or they are to be treated as so occupying it and their occupation of the living accomodation constitutes the only use of that accomodation and rents
  9. You have a bit of a cushy number as a decent house that complies is probably about 500pcm+ per room in North London. Not everyone will want to dob their landlord. I depends on how good your landlord is to you. I will come back to you on your last question.
  10. You may be mixing it up with planning. You need to have planning permission if you have five or more people in the HMO. I am reading my info from the housing act 2004. Where do you get your info? As well I know you can have HMo's of two storeys. I owned one.
  11. The new Housing Act 2004 has received royal assent in November which introduces new licensing laws relating to houses in multiple occupancy (i.e occupied by three or more people). Generally, the act allows tenants to reclaim their rent from the landlord if the house/flat they live is not licensed and the landlord gets prosecuted by the local authority. See section 73 (8). What this means is that it is a tenants charter to tell the local authority that their property is a HMO but is not licensed. The local authority will ask the landlord to license the property (which means that it must be
  12. MT - so this is what you have been doing during your day! Why don't we all arrange to visit an estate agent in the new year and walk in all at once just to remind them of the good old days!
  13. The Evening Post doesn't run the Property Post a couple of weeks ahead of Christmas because the EA's don't wnant to advertise as no one is interested in buying property at this time of year - allegedly. Hmmm SA1 is sounding less attractive now. Glad I didn't buy there.
  14. The SA1 flats were going from 144k up which compared to a terrace house in the sandfields of 150k is a good deal I should imagine. I spoke to the EA who said the next lot of flats are going to be priced up. Problem is howmany people are going to live in these flats as the market may be saturated by people intending to sell once they ae completed or rent out. I still think a good long term investment if you don't mind tying your money up. The property to avoid in my opinion is terrace houses in central swansea brynmill uplands mount pleasant etc. New housing laws coming in dealing with HMO
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