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  1. I'm sure there are many here that appreciate your opinions. Only the vocal minority do not.
  2. Property Bee is an excellent tool. We are finding prices dropping more than ever now.
  3. Hi Some of my coins have the same tarnishing. Silver tarnishes, gold doesn't. The reason why it only appears on the edge is because the coin has been stored in a coin capsule and that is where air has leaked into the capsule. The tarnishing can be accelerated by the proximity of other items. I cant remember what items you should keep away from silver, but a bit of research on the www would tell you.
  4. Is that because you can't as you got sacked and no longer have the ability too? I would prefer it if you refrained from swearing please. There is nothing wrong in having a difference of opinion in a debate but there is no need to be abusive.
  5. I agree that his post was unpleasant. He is not my friend, but rather my fellow HPC member, as you are. I object to your suggestion that he would be doing us all a favour by going away. You can speak for yourself but not for me thank you. By the look of the vote, in a democratic kind of way, you would be doing us all a favour by restoring the gold thread to its rightful place. Respectfully, Azazel
  6. Thank you for your continued efforts to promote harmony and the enthusiastic way you add to the popularity of this site. Keep up the good work Oldie!
  7. Gold is not just a commodity like wheat, Gold and silver was money. This boom and bust is arguably because of the lack of the gold standard. Ron Paul argues this point. Gold is still money and maybe humans will learn the error of their ways and restore the Gold standard. Baning the Gold thread from the main forum is like saying that no one is allowed to talk about money as its not related to house prices. Stupid eh? Although the gold thread lives on elsewhere, I think it was excellent here. Shame really but all good things come to an end. My vote is to restore it back to the main forum and hope that the featured posters return, but i would think some guarantees would be required.
  8. I came to HPC as I suspected that house prices would crash. I became interested in gold only recently. The issue of moving the thread was discussed before and it was known to be provocative. Everyone knew that. It was a deliberate act of vandalism as the consequences of this action were known. Its too late to make excuses as the damage has been done. The gold thread was the heart of the forum where many issues were discussed and it formed a hub to new posts in the main forum. Arguably, Gold backed currency is at the heart of the debate that the website if founded on, which the moderator in question has almost destroyed on HPC.co.uk Sometimes its best to do the right thing even if its a bitter pill to swallow. Restore the gold thread and offer a sincere apology to those that were offended by the moderator in question. Restricting freedom of speech just because you don't like its message will hardly inspire debate in a forum. This is much more of an issue than the gold thread location.
  9. still cost about £150,000 to build a £300,000 house
  10. Do you want me to convey apologies to the regulars in the hope they might come back? Or would it be preferred if Gold was not discussed at HPC?
  11. anyone looking for the gold thread will find that it has gone to another website. If you want to continue to enjoy that thread you will find it at g-r-e-e-n-e-n-e-r-g-y-i-n-v-e-s-t-o-r-s-.-c-o-m and anyone is welcome.
  12. Goldfinger was always very respectful, polite and helpful. So why do you have to abuse him? The thing with many other investments is they can go bust and be worthless. The difference with gold and silver, is that it is real money, always has been and always will be. So it will never be worthless. Fiat money is the new kid on the block and it isn't working. So whats the point in spoiling a good spirit on this website? The only reason I can see is that your views are being proved wrong where as the views of cgnao are being proved right. So I guess you have not protected yourself then and this is sour grapes?
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