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  1. Although there's still no guarantees, they do suggest that you resist using the prepaid evelopes and simply write your own as they are not so obvious. The other thing I do is to send recorded delivery so that I know it's arrived and also it seems to deter those dear folk who steal mail from doing so. I've had problems with BACS before (human error apparently) so you have to keep checking even with that. Don't forget to put a nice big line across any cheques you write immediately after the name of the payee and also the amounts in words and numbers so that no one can add anything else to it. You can only hope then that no one else can make use of it without ID to show that they are you. Sending the cheque separately to the ID proof is a wise option, using different colour envelopes and a different writing style too, just in case. Hope this is helpful, but nothing's guaranteed of course.
  2. I believe they are £50 billion into the Icelandic banks, although their website has lots of assurances about how safe they still are regardless. I was concerned enough to withdraw my investment with them.......... at the very least keep to a max of £50k.
  3. I do all of those things already, except phone my Mum I'd need a clairvoyant to help out with that one. I have all my values straight, sell stuff for charity regularly and value all the right things in life. Oh and I don't drink/smoke or have a TV. That doesn't change the fact that I'm aware that my hard earned savings, which are the only things ensuring my very simple lifestyle based upon eating and keeping four fairly basic walls around me, are vulnerable to all this mess. I rent my home and can't do that without money. It's a fact that the world runs on money and whilst that's the case survival is dependent on it one way or another and that's not something that can change overnight without a lot of problems and suffering. Money isn't the root of all evil, it's what people do with it - my ability to give to charity and the charities ability to do good is dependent upon money enabling them to do so. I appreciate your comments but I'm not sitting in my counting house, counting out my money with pound signs for pupils as you may perhaps think. Just an honest person who has worked very hard (can't now because of illness) and wants to be able to keep living a very simple life appreciating all my blessings! It's just about security for me, but I can't speak for everyone else, and some of the stuff on the forum makes for very scary reading - although I'm not about to go out and buy a rifle!
  4. You may call me Thicky MacThick but if we should all be getting out of GBP and USD where exactly should we be putting our hard earned savings? Just about to stuff the mattress over fear or banking meltdown and now even this doesn't seem like a good idea! Isn't whole thing a global problem that is affecting everywhere and everybody? Maybe I don't understand gold, but I do know you can't eat it if inflation goes skywards and if things get as bad as a lot of people seem to think. Surely if they do then getting food is going to be the biggest problem and who's going to give you a tin of beans for a slab of shiny metal stuff? Feel free to mock mercilessly as I freely admit to not having a clue but to being worried enough to have sold up and started renting some time ago; selling off the few banking shares I had when the rumours of trouble first started and trying to keep my savings away from dodgy banks as far as possible! Any sensible suggestions welcome! Thanks all.
  5. I hate to tell you this, but I think HBOS hold the money for Sainsburys. Check out the FSA website or check out the small print of the Sainsbury's one. I'm pretty sure I'm right and if I am you have not put your eggs into different baskets. There's lots of info elsewhere about the FSC scheme which covers this topic.
  6. As several other people have pointed out, the FSA protection is all well and good provided they have the funds to provide - i.e. if several institutions went under they could run out of money. I know some say the banks can't or won't go bust, but it still worries me. As I don't know much about these things I seek out as much info as I can to see if I'm worring about nothing. This article tells me I'm not, check it out http://money.guardian.co.uk/investments/sh...2150779,00.html Also check out the guy's credibility at http://www.blueplanet.eu/blueplanet_news.8.html
  7. Thanks for the compliment! Can I ask where you're putting your money? I don't want investments, just safe places for savings having sold up and started renting some time ago. I've lost confidence that it's safe in the Bank or Building Societies hands.
  8. I am wrong to be concerned that the government is in more debt than the whole of the country put together? Is it matress stuffing time yet?
  9. Hi and thanks for the reply. What worries me is the level of exposure and whether the FSA can really support their promise of protection financially if even just a few institutions were in trouble. I seem to remember reading something on HPC last year (?) about the model for banks to be able to pay back a certain % of investments in one go (I think it was only 3%?) and very few were even close. I wonder what the FSA model is? I thought about NS&I and I've read about Government Bonds although you have to wonder with the Government in more debt than the rest of the UK put together I believe!
  10. I'm new to all this, so this is probably a stupid question, but I've been reading about sub prime and the economic risks etc. for ages now and wondered at the time what this could mean for money in savings and in bank accounts if the worst happened. If Banks and Building Societies have exposed themselves to US and UK sub prime and things head south, as they currently are, is money in savings accounts and banks accounts at risk? Is there any way to know which institutions have got themselves in deep enough to be at risk? As I've said, maybe a silly question but is it time to start thinking about stuffing the mattress with fivers?
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