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  1. abbey are doing a 7.25% monthly saver, max of £250 / month and a min of £20
  2. Aye, what with my new pet shark and all...
  3. ah thanks, i've been trying that however have now realised that I've been looking at AER and not gross...
  4. Hi, Possibly a silly question but if I don't ask I'll never know... How do I work out the net interest rate on a savings account when given the gross figure? Assuming I'm a standard rate payer. Cheers!
  5. yup 27, g/f of three years, her parents' are always asking when we're goping to buy a house as we are spending "too much" renting. It's £595 a month, which I don't think would get us anything at the moment house wise, certainly not a palce as nice as this one, or in as good an area anyway. No one trusts my economic sense. I don't know a great deal, or even a lot about the economy. Compared to most people I know though, I'm some sort of god... When I can afford to buy I will, if not, I have vague plans of moving abroad like my brother has done. I guess we'll see...
  6. Ahhh the crazy prices of South Manc, not in Chorlton are you by any chance! Either that or Didsbury I assume... I'm paying 595 for mine (chorlton), and valued at 155kish I think. I reckon I'm gonna get kicked out at the end of this year... I know when they bought the flat, I know how much for, just not sure how long the mortgage was fixed for. I'm not covering their mortgage, so I assume they are in for capital, I also don't think they are stupid so I expcet to be given notice fairly shortly...
  7. The bread is probably a loss leader. It's one of the few things poeple might actually know the price off themselves, I doubt many people would know the price of a bag of flour so they can charge more. Making the bread cheap would make people think that everything else was cheap too
  8. i didnt open two, well, i transferred one to another, so surely I have to have two open at one point? It's not seamless... I've only paid in the 3k this year (and every other year) and the bank know i've paid in my £3k. This wasnt intended to be a 'tax dodge' and was more of avoiding the rules the abbey have. sorry if i was unclear to begin with
  9. Hi, Someone mentioned the Abbey minicash ISA a while ago, and that you had to have not used your allowance for this year to transfer in to it. I went into a branch and asked them if I could open one as I'd already used my allowance for this year and they said it was fine. Anyway, I opened the account and it has all been transfered fine, they even entered in this years contributions correctly so they do know I've used it... hope that's of some use to someone out there Barry
  10. Thanks for the detailed replies guys, much appreciated. Will take the info on board and attempt to make a go of getting some sort of financial security, if such a thing exists.. Cheers
  11. Hi, Have been reading here for a while and figure you lot are probalby the best bunch to ask for any advice involving a pound sign. Before I begin, some info about myself: I'm 27 and have no pension and it worries me slightly. I earn around 24k, rent a shoe-box with my girlfriend in south manchester and have about 9.5k in an ISA (Abbey) and another 4k ish in a savings account (Cahoot) - ive used this years isa allowance. I save, then transfer it to the ISA every year. The company I work for have just started a pension scheme, they will do up to 6% matched contribs and I have the usual choice of a million confusing funds etc to invest in. I'm really confused. My financial knowledge is not great... What should I do? Stash it under the matress? Not bother and stick it in my ISA when I can and NSI stuff? Pension, then spare cash in March into ISA allowance? Buy gold and a shotgun - I've been reading this forum a bit I'm sort of thinking to stick 6% in the pension, as they will match it so I'm doubling my money (plus tax?). Anything spare in March is in the ISA. The pension is with Friend Priovident if it makes a diff. Im just worried about a pension balls-up what with the impending doom... Thanks Barry
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