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  1. Quite a few are on propertysnake, one is 20% off from 350k to 280k.
  2. yup was just over there last weekend and heard this on the news. Also, bank of ireland offering 7% interest rates, which is extremely high considering the ecb rates. They want your money!
  3. not anecdotal as of yet i suppose, but my nan passed away a few months ago and the house is just going on the market. It's a bungalow (of course) in St Annes, Lancs. It was build in 1966, decorated in 1968 and not touched since. Needs gutting really, carpets, kitchen and general decor. It's quite big, 2 good bedrooms, large lounge / dining and a spare room. It's down a quite cul-de-sac and very close to the local school too. No idea if the school is any good however. Anyway, it's up for 175k, which was the lowest valuation we had, its with a good agent known locally. Will keep you all updated on how it progresses. I'm (as an executor) willing to accept pretty much any offer, but I'm a bit dubious my co-executor will, I think she's a "prices always rise" person. We shall see how this goes!
  4. same here, and I've never actually had to use it for anything except the initial set up...
  5. yeah this morning. in fact, you can pretty much see exactly when it was I bought if you look at the graph... I gave up trying to time the market and just buy it when I have the cash. Last time I was about to buy was when it was at about 770, it was expected to drop. I held off for a few days and by that time it had gone up to about 788 I think...
  6. As one of the comments says, they should have offered -£10,000 compensation
  7. By "slack" I assume he means "people willing to work for sod all to keep wage inflation low"
  8. "TEMPORARY SUSPENSION DUE TO DDOS TECHNICAL PROBLEMS" its saying now. Maybe it's the banks / insurance cos
  9. "While the average price of a new home continued to fall last month, the price buyers were willing to pay had increased, showing that buyers have confidence in the new homes market." Makes perfect sense....
  10. Did i read correctly that the RM stats are only on their newly listed properties? Not an average of all the ones they have for sale? Seems an odd way of doing things...
  11. Her expenses came to $11,000, and she received $2.7m in damages. For spilling coffee on herself
  12. It annoys me that they can find £16bn for another underground rail link in London but couldn't find a few hundred million for the metrolink in Manchester.
  13. Prices were pushed up from the bottom of the market, and they will be pulled down from the bottom of the market.
  14. cahoot? Part of Abbey, Part of Santander. They ok?
  15. This was just mentioned on BBC news. They were very vague so I had to come here to find the actual figures. They then interviewed some estate agents somewhere near Ipswich who expected prices to level off but not crash...
  16. ace. now all we need is a toilet futures market and it can continue relentless!
  17. I'm not really allowed to browse the web during work hours on my work computer. Instead, I do it on my phone, thus wasting even more time and their money doing so. I can only type so fast!
  18. i dont think anyone here believes the 1.8% anyway. A cut is virtually guaranteed. The US have cut a lot, and now are expecting us and the EU to follow suit in an attempt to prop up the dollar whilst i heads over a cliff. Like you say, if they are looking two years ahead, then surely they should put rates up? Surely they can see what's coming?
  19. yes, you just need to transfer it - don't close them. Apply at new place, say you have an old ISA and want it moving accross. Most banks will accept money from other ISAs and it should be quite painless, in fact they'll probably bite your hand off...
  20. "Corporation: noun, an ingenious device for obtaining individual profit, without individual responsibility."
  21. Gone from being the scariest place to have money to being the safest...
  22. no don't start the panic yet! I need to get my girlfriend's parents savings out of B&B next week and I don't want to queue!
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