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  1. No surprise about Manchester. Everywhere you look a new block of flats is going up.
  2. those stacked stones on their website look like some sort of giant turd
  3. could nrk just be lending less so that when poeple do reset they have to pay off their mortgage, and go somwhere else. An attempt to wind the business down?
  4. my brother live in dublin and regularly claims 1/8th of them work in construction of some sort... Interesting times.
  5. I do lcoal shopping on a Saturday and avoid the supermarket. Fresh fruit / veg doesn't last a week.
  6. The whole "Local Thing" is great. However, I actually have a job to go to. Unfortunately, despite living in the centre of a sub-urban area, this means that everywhere locally except Morrison's is closed when I get home during the week. And on Sundays. They only have themselves to blame IMO. Work longer hours and work Sundays
  7. to what end? Everyone wants to be the cheapest and pay their suppliers the least. It has to end somewhere...
  8. I suspect a lot of you spend far too much time on b3ta...
  9. I'm 28 now, and I had this for a few years from the parents. I've said it was silly since a while ago and they seem to have given in recently... My brother has also received house buying 'advice' from his gf's family. ie "get on the ladder no matter what.... they only go up..." Oddly, everything "goes up", it's called inflation. They however are STILL going on about it. At the end of the day, it's your decision. You're 29. Do what you want and what you believe.
  10. certainly was... fell off a cliff by the looks of it
  11. m21er, are you a fellow chorltonite?
  12. I'm up for that. Though "HPI" is only known to the cognoscenti I suspect.
  13. Didn't have any trouble myself. Though like you say, its unlikely to be them and more likely an advert that they run. Something to be warey of anyway. Although that should apply to every website...
  14. well, if it was tungsten and gold, it'd be pretty hard and difficult to dent
  15. Hm I've no idea. But that was how I always assumed it would work and didn't realise it was any different. Then again, I suppose 20 years ago I wouldnt have been paying much attention to houses...
  16. I've got a nice warm feeling after watching that. Means i can fend the in-laws off for a bit too.
  17. Just had a quick look at FP's property funds... their 1 year performance is below: Property Fund GBX -14.4 % Property Fund NGP GBX -13.4 %
  18. close http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/73a44d1e-b97b-11...00779fd2ac.html Stephen Schork, a former Nymex floor trader and editor of the oil-market Schork Report, said that the price jump was due to a trader seeking his one minute of fame. “A local trader just spent about $600 in a trading loss to buy the right to tell his grandchildren he was the one who did it,” Mr Schork said. “Probably he is framing right now the print reflecting the trade.”
  19. Didn't Armandenadinjad (sp) then say something along the lines of "so America should leave us alone or we'll nuke them"
  20. Couldn't find this in a quick search so it may have been posted before, but Northern Rock are no longer listed on the FTSE 100 http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articl...7_FORTUNE5.htmv "Analysts said FTSE 100 tracker funds will have to sell Northern Rock shares when the market opens Thursday"
  21. By the looks of it they wanted a 0.5% cut...
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