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  1. cahoot are offering 6.76%gross p.a. on a fixed bond until 30th October 2008. "limited offer" apparently https://www.cahoot.com/cahoot_products/caho...nd_account.html
  2. What a shower of shite. Why is she being touted as a "property expert". She appeared on a property ramping program a while ago. It's not the same thing! House prices going up = more shitty shows she can present!
  3. http://www.austinmitchell.org/news/monetary-policy/ He seems to write to the MPC every month or so and demands a rate cut.
  4. I saw a small 08 plate car for private sale last week, parked on the street. Can't remember what the hell it was, something Micra sized... Seems a bit daft buying a brand new car then selling it a few weeks later...
  5. "IMF officials said the sale would likely take place over several years in an effort to avoid market disruption." "The funds from the IMF's gold sale would be used to buy US government and corporate bonds"
  6. Megadeth - Foreclosure of a Dream "Rise so high, yet so far to fall. A plan of dignity and balance for all. Political breakthrough, euphorias high. More borrowed money, more borrowed time. Backed in a corner, caught up in the race. Means to an end ended in disgrace. Perspective is lost in the spirit of the chase."
  7. I DD £26 ppm for elec. I have gas, though no one appears to want to bill us for it. I rent the place, and apparently since it was converterted to flats no one will admit to supplying us. we've honestly tried. But there's only so much convincing you can do.. Water is about 10/15 ppm i tihnk This is for a new (converted) 2 bed flat
  8. Ahh, and a mini and a horse box in the drive.... Should have bought a cow instead, seeing as it was with meeeewwww (sorry)
  9. Madness that the information isn't public anyway. Using FOI should be a last resort for poeple that we pay for and are here to serve us
  10. Possibly. It's to indicate that there's no water so that no one leaves a "welcome gift" for anyone else who takes a look in the bathroom later...
  11. 15 Jul 2003 1 Apartment 40 Junction Works, Ducie Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester M1 2DF Flat (New build) Leasehold £176,500 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-197...=3&tr_t=buy £105k, auction guide price by order of the mortgagees(i asume that means its a repo?) edit: it went to auction on 13th and was "sold prior"
  12. They were £10 a year ago, they traded at £5 because of the general market conditions. THey went down to £4 on the rumours... http://finance.google.co.uk/finance?chdnp=...&q=LON:HBOS
  13. Looks like there was a huge fall last night, and then a pretty big buy back. Went from 919 down to 906, and has gone back up to 917.
  14. isn't C turd? or is this a different rating system base?
  15. All the gold threads have been moved to the Metal forum. Unless its bearish. In which case, they can stay here. edit: ha. this one has been moved
  16. I like flipping new builds. Usually it's with my middle finger as I drive past
  17. I think I'm more surprised by the fact that people actually have savings. What will the ones without do?
  18. I heard something about this a few days ago http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7293395.stm
  19. for some inexplicable reason, i read that as rent-a-badger
  20. You even got in a "100% guaranteed". This should be our call sign...
  21. the yellow stuff we can't talk about has just fallen off a cliff too
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