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  1. No, you can presume I can't be arsed to spell check after I've typed. I also presumed no one on this forum was enough of an ass hole to bother pointing it out. Funny how things work out though.
  2. I presume therfore, that you have given everything you own to charity and now permantly work helping the poor.
  3. Did I hear right that some digi-boxes that were bought at the beginning of the implementation won't actaully work when we go fully digital? Or have I made that up?
  4. I use Goldmoney to change between various currencies, and of course the yellow stuff...
  5. He should tell us what he really thinks about GS..
  6. you need to sign up to see that subforum. the thread is quite boring tbh..
  7. My feelings too. I am debt free, and enjoy the fact I am mobile and have no ties to anyone. I can fuÑk off from this country at a moments notice. It feels good.
  8. The only "social responsibility" it has as far as I'm concerned is to make sure that the government get back any money they may have given it. Other than that, I don't care. If people are on high SVRs and don't like it, move to another lender.
  9. Are you really that stupid? All that will happen is that it will be delayed for a while, then it will collapse leading to a bigger recession than would have otherwise happened.
  10. They were 13 year bonds, the ones that failed to sell completely were 40 year
  11. I believe they work out their statistics in an... "interesting" way. I assumed they get all of their houses, add up the prices, and divide by the amount of houses there are. I'm pretty certain that the average price they give is only for new instructions. It ignores any reductions that may arise later. Infact, here's a quote: More: So... It's useless.
  12. This one? ISA compatible https://www.selftrade.co.uk/market-data/fun...ymbole=SB-71005
  13. Most things rise in value over time. I believe it's called.... "inflation"
  14. Yeah.. Generally, they subcontract out the actual house repair work to another (private) company. Why the council can't do that is beyond me... edit: typso
  15. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/new...er_hit_by_slump Apparently they build a lot of places for footballers, and have a tower block in Salford
  16. You see the little orange square, just to the left of where the topic is in the topic list. It looks like this: Hover your mouse over it... Then click... It's the key to a happy life
  17. I don't think their ribs grow back though. You'll need a supply of kittens.
  18. This is a fairly good website regarding global warming http://wattsupwiththat.com/ He makes the piont that many of the temperature stations are now more in more urban areas due to sprawl, which incraese the local temperature. There is a good article here on NASAs data. It seems to be very different to other people's http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/06/05/go...eter/print.html
  19. yeah i've been reading her blog for a while now it's quite good, I keep trying to figure out which block of flats it is that she lives in..
  20. because this is the HPC forum, anything mods don't like is off topic
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