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  1. They'll adjust the previous ones down, and these ones will be up on that newly adjusted figure.
  2. Isn't deliberate bankruptcy considered fraud? Now that she seems to have given her name, age, and approximate location let's see if anything gets done about it... edit: sorry, I mean "borrowing money knowing that you aren't going to pay it back" is fraud I think
  3. Yes this is the part I don't understand. Surely it would be better for them to keep exploring and discovering reserves so that there is confidence in the country. They don't have to drill a well just because it's found. Also, if they are planning for the future, shouldn't any plans for austerity be based on what they have remaining?
  4. Yes, you are. As much fun as socialism is, it's a little irritating for those that aren't lazy fuсks
  5. you could say that about anything though. I don't go to the doctor anywhere near as much as my g/f seems to do. Am I being "robbed"? How will charging for university encourage the poor to go? I agree the current funding state is problematic, but I feel this has been brought about by the amount of ridiculous non-courses that the universities offer, and the tax payers pay for.
  6. Jesus. I get so pissed of with him talking about the £6bn. I've lost track of what the original point was. Seomthigna bout the Tories taking it out of the economy. And doing what with it? Burying it?
  7. This might be a stupid question.... But why do we need 120m jabs when the population is closer to 70m? Do you need more than one? Were we going to ebay the spares?
  8. Well... He's bought sales forward. Nothing is for free. Now, new car sales will be less for the next couple of years as the demand from next year was sucked in to this one. You can't beat the market
  9. Hm, did he actually say anything at all about oil prices? The mirror seem to have decided that because he mentioned something about the economy after oil hit 80, that it was related. His quotes: "There's a lot of global uncertainty around - and we do need to be vigilant." "As the global economy begins to recover, for example, it will have a bearing on people's costs." "There's a hell of a lot of reasons to be vigilant." "If you are going to take spending down to that level, it will be tough. And it'll be difficult." Not that I disagree... But it seems odd that he would say that, seeing as most of the cost at the pump is tax...
  10. If they have the money anyway, why did the banks collapse?
  11. Can you lot take it somewhere else? This is getting stupid. Have you noticed many of the decent posters have disappeared to that other site (not necessarily an invite)?
  12. I believe the whole point of HIPs was so that the government could comply with EU law regarding buildings having an energy performance certificate. They may change name, but something similar will still to be done and paid for.
  13. You don't think that 3 months extra supply of houses per year is quite a lot? 25% more houses for sale, each year?
  14. Isn't its lack of use one of the reasons it does have value? That and the fact that you can't print it. A piece of paper with "£10" written is also useless. I can only exchange it for things of use, the same applies to gold.
  15. short ETFs http://tradermike.net/2007/03/list_of_inverse_short_bear_etfs spreadbetting?
  16. The OP of the MSE thread demonstrated their intelligence two years ago with this classic: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=303731&highlight= sigh
  17. So you're saying if I build a public toilet, other people might come and shit in it?
  18. Banning self cert is stupid, getting people to actually prove their income, in ALL cases would clearly be the best idea...
  19. Ah, another thread on HPC that starts well then goes way o/t
  20. I dont understand what you're saying. Someone has invented a decent - yet currently expensive - way to clean water to make it drinkable. Yet here you are saying it's bad and offer no solution yourself. I'm baffled. What is the issue? The fact someone is earning money from their invention? The fact it was required in the first place? edit: - would it have been invented if the person had no incentive (e.g. money) to invent it?
  21. It doesn't. But as you berated someone that gives them clean water, I thought you had something much better up your sleeve. edit: grammar. yes, i know.
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