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  1. A vice of common sense. What are you doing on this thread??
  2. It appears to. Why is no one asking about the other hazards then? From what I see, it is a lot of anti-nuclear hyperbole.
  3. Ok, so bearing that in mind... 0 people have died from the incident at the reactor, more than 10,000 have died from the tsunami. Why aren't you campaigning for better building standards? Or complaining about the lack of tsunami defence for the coastal cities?
  4. The legal limit. Not a "pass this and die" level. The legal limit is extremely low. It is based on constant exposure to the radiation over a long period of time, not a 5 minute dip
  5. Sorry, it's hard to tell who's being serious on this thread and who isn't
  6. By "high temperature" I assume you mean "ambient" and by "burning it's way through to the earth's core" I assume you mean "not doing anything"
  7. Well the documentary that was posted some time earlier - the Horizon one - was filmed in the 90s, they showed the fuel there. Cold and grey. No one said the problem was solved. The cold stuff sitting there is still a hazard. He just said it wasn't hot nor was it going to burn through the earth.
  8. Well, until there's another quake or tsunami. Which as we keep being told is entirely predictable.
  9. How is that solely blaming them? If you read the sentence preceding that one I say "[they] have a lot to answer for". Not "it's all their fault" Please stop putting words into my mouth.
  10. no idea if this has been posted before "stop running from radiation" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-12860842 Wade Allison is a nuclear and medical physicist at the University of Oxford, the author of Radiation and Reason (2009) and Fundamental Physics for Probing and Imaging (2006).
  11. quake + Tsunami = 10000+ deaths reactor incident = 0 deaths. Three have minor burns on the skin. Like the ones you get from that other ball of radiation. Lots of talk about how they were stupid to not design the reactor better, "of course there'll be a tsunami". "of course there'll be a major earthquake". I've not heard anyone complaining about other building regulations which allowed 10,000 to die. Just the reactor, which survived pretty well I thought.
  12. I'm pretty sure I didn't say that they were the only reason
  13. The reason they end up being accumulated on site is because people don't want them transported anywhere by road or rail in case there's an accident. Even though the vessels are tested to extreme levels. It seems to me that the greens actually have a lot to answer for. Nuclear power is slated as being some sort of great evil and environment destroy. It seems ironic to me that instead of building safer newer generation nuclear plants due this "evil" and people complaining about them , we end up extending the life of the ageing ones which is much more dangerous to both man and environment.
  14. unlikely. I'd imagine by June though they'll be up. especially if inflation is staying "surprisingly" high.
  15. so don't sign the contract. What's the problem here?
  16. as already mentioned by others, just ignore it. I've never paid a renewal fee after the 6 months initial contract has expired, I jsut ignore the letters and stay in the house and continue to pay rent. Neither the EA or LL will want to cause a fuss as they won't want to risk it being void, assuming you are a good tenant of course!
  17. surely all a 20k grant would do is put prices up by more than 20k
  18. Nah company cars are great. I don't get a personal petrol allowance and the tax implications for the car are about £50 a month, less I think actually. For that I get a brand new car, tyres, servicing, tax, breakdown cover etc. If you can get that for <£600pa then tell me where. The depreciation costs more than that without anything else. Plus the company usually covers minor accidents. I lost my door mirror in a bus-proximity incident, they are surprisingly expensive! edit - I checked, it's £437pa
  19. in what way? If the car has been bought then surely providing it for personal use does the exact opposite of what you've said as I won't need to buy a personal one and can use the company's. Surely if the car was for work use only, then if I needed one personally, I would then have to buy another.
  20. Supply and demand is true. It's just not the supply and demand of houses as most people think. It is instead the supply and demand of cheap credit.
  21. Do you mean that 10% of the UK's installed energy is wind power? ie, if every turbine was at 100%, it would be 10%? http://britain-watch.co.uk/2010/12/wind-energys-contribution-to-uk-electricity-supply/
  22. Why is it moral to pay taxes? I'd rather not pay mine, am I immoral?
  23. I'd just ignore it and see what happens...
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