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  1. It's an advisory referendum. The government can say "thanks for your opinion", and then ignore it if they want.
  2. Quoting ZH which quotes an article from Sputnik news that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else. Though I am aware the UK are sending 75 troops to Kiev to train people I can't find anything about America troops being sent there. I don't see a problem with it either to be honest. Regarding Russian troops in Ukraine - http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/28/us-ukraine-crisis-russia-soldiers-idUSKBN0GS0N120140828 Also the seperatists seem to have a lot of equipment that Ukraine has never owned, for example the T72-B3. Not only that, but Grads are being fired from Russia into Ukraine - http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/17/russia-shelled-ukrainians-from-within-its-own-territory-says-study This Minsk agreement will end when the separatists move to take Mariupol in the near future.
  3. Well, the Russian forces in Ukraine have been fairly well proven and if you think that the peace described in either of the Minsk agreements was working then you need your head examining.
  4. According to wikipedia Russia has < 500 T90s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_main_battle_tanks_by_country#R
  5. Why would I have to tell them that? To change it?
  6. I think it's a good idea. We seem to have many threads on here complaining about the amount of empty homes and now that something is being done, people are complaining again. Yes, it's probably a shit hole. Is that why the houses are empty or because they are? I'd have though that all the homes being purchased and done up at the same time would do wonders to the area.
  7. Here's one http://nextbigfuture.com/2008/03/deaths-per-twh-for-all-energy-sources.html or this http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2012/06/10/energys-deathprint-a-price-always-paid/
  8. People queue to get in there though!!
  9. was the snow outside Debenham's stores particularly worse than the snow outside every other retailer?
  10. natwest online banking is down again. Only noticed as I was trying to buy the winning lottery ticket online and my card was declined. Seems a lot of people are having similar problems judging by twitter...
  11. No, they are talking about 4g. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17125468
  12. Perhaps the councils should lower business rates in town centres and provide ample cheap parking. Also, if the local shops stayed open later that would help. It's not much use that they are open when I'm in the office. Shopping on a Saturday is low down on my list of things to do...
  13. It's about a totally new transistor design that will cut down on current leakage, meaning the current can be dropped, meaning they use less power meaning they stay cooler.
  14. Your right about the size, however it's a totally new "3d" transistor. That's the interesting part.
  15. "What does A.P.R means?" http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3163174&highlight=
  16. Perhaps your 'guess' is just scaremongering, and perhaps we employ people that know what they are talking about, rather than Daily Mail employees. You've stated 20 years as your "hundreds of thousands of deaths". You realise Chernobyl was 1986. It's 2011 now. I'm sure you can work out the difference. I'm unsure why you want a nuclear disaster. Will you be happy at being right if we have one?
  17. Cleaning it will be horrible. I did a charity project in Belarus to help with the after effects of Chernobyl incidentally - repairing schools etc. Not an expert on radiation, but I was there at the Ukraine border and I'm still alive We all want the same thing. I think we just disagree about how we get there.
  18. I see what you're saying. You're right. I don't want my kids to have to deal with radioactive crap from me. And you're right that we keep passing things down a generation. The problem I have is that there is no problem. There is a tiny amount of radiation, it is not Chernobyl - and even that wasn't that bad. No, I'm not saying we should have a Chernobyl every day, before I have words put in my mouth. I want the fewest casualties possible from any event.
  19. I was referring to planning for the future, with regards to "tsunami proofing" buildings. Yes, clearly another quake would be bad. I'm sure the plant might suffer consequences. I'm sure that more would die in events unrelated to the plant.
  20. No. But you've managed to quote me one something I didn't say. So I ask you the same question. Not wishing to turn this into a numbers argument, but do you think 10,000 will die from the reactor?
  21. And as I said before, you're assuming there wont be another tsunami. But you know there will...
  22. You're right of course. The spent fuel issue is a problem. Indeed, it is *the* problem for nuclear plants. Certainly storing it on site seems stupid. It certainly seems like it was ignored in any safety planning. Hopefully fast reactors will solve the problem with spent fuel...
  23. I'm simply asking that disasters are looked at the same from both sides. People keep saying that the tsunami was entirely predictable and that the reactors shouldn't be there etc etc. However it's perfectly fine to build houses in the same location without complaint. My comparison was simply that many more people have died from houses being build in a "disaster zone" compared to the power plant. Obviously every life is precious, but to sound slightly callous, there is clearly a cost to saving each live in an area such as this and we should surely be trying to save the most amount of people for the least cost.
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