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  1. We've just agreed to buy a house near Gloucester for £100K (15%) less than it was on the market for last year. According to the EA it had several offers last year near the asking price but owner changed her mind about moving. She's a property developer & has now "overstretched" (EA words) herself so needs to sell fast. Maybe we struck lucky? Maybe prices will fall even further so if she pulls the plug again we're not too worried, just legal fees to pay . EA tried VERY hard to get us to up our bid but we were already on our limit, interesting there's been no competition this time. That's if the EA is to be believed of course, but it does seem good value compared to others we've looked at, so we're going ahead in the hope the market won't crash more than 15%
  2. I currently rent in Hereford city, having sold on the South Coast due to employment relocation. Nothing much on the market to buy here just now (we're looking for large house with acreage) but I have noticed 3 things 1. Estate agents admitting the market has "stagnated" 2. Sellers going to great lengths to try & sell, we've seen 2 properties with not quite enough land for us, both sellers furiously negotiating with their nexdoor (farmer) neighbours to try & grab more grazing! 3. The owner of one of the largest local estate agents sold all his own property last year & is now waiting for the crash (he didn't tell me this, he told the farmer where we currently keep our horses in livery, said farmer chairman of Parish Council). Anyway, estate agent is 55, has been in the business all his life, has seen cycles of hpc/hpi before & reckons he knows what he's doing. He'll buy next yr when it's at its lowest. So we think we'll continue to rent for a while longer...... avoid the credit crunch if nothing else!
  3. Thanks for all the advice, I'll look at spreading the money around as suggested. Should I be worried about the safety of online a/cs? I'm getting a bit paranoid about hackers I think, dreaming of them breaking into the house & settling down at the pc.......!
  4. Thanks whiterabbit, good to know you have confidence in this bank. We have £250K+ invested & I've been worried about all eggs in 1 basket, so reassuring to read your post. We didn't deliberately sell to rent, we relocated from South Coast to Hereford, & are looking to buy, but if the long-awaited hpc is starting to happen maybe renting a while longer makes sense.....?? In which case should we "spread the risk" of our investment? Do you have other investments or are you happy to depend on Cahoot? I have to admit to a hightened anxiety when pushing keyboard buttons to move thousands of pounds around & so am inclined to leave it where it is now I know it's got there safely!
  5. Looked again & I think I'm confused about AER/Gross figures. Cahoot's are the same, ie 6.25% in the bracket applicable to me. whereas Tesco's figures differ. Why is this? Are they both right? If they are, Cahoot pays (I think) 5% net to ordinary taxpayers like me, whereas Tesco pays only 4.85% net including intro bonus?
  6. Thanks for the tip, had a quick look but their annual net is 4.8% (& that includes intro bonus for 6mth only) whereas Cahoot is 5% net according to their blurb, so still a better bet? Other folk seem to have been advised to spread their investment tho, whereas I have all eggs in 1 basket & I'm wondering if that's wise. Being on online a/c is there any danger of foul play? I run AVG free & have spyware/adaware, is this enough? Also what about the financial security of Cahoot in today's economic climate? Any more comments would be much appreciated
  7. We've just sold our house & put all the profits (which are considerable) into a Cahoot savings a/c because it gives mthly interest (needed to pay the rent!) & seems to be the best rate around. BUT no-one has mentioned Cahoot in recent positings, the last one was Apr '06 on this forum I think. So, is this the best option? Is our money safe there given Abbey is now owned by Santander & the Finance markets are in trouble. Help/advice please
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