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  1. it was a great free service. I used it even when I made purchases eligible for free delivery. With click and collect, you can order during the course of the day and collect it next day (when you get a text) at my nearby waitrose. I can also return items there for immediate refund as well. It works beautifully and was very fast as well. I will still use it and pay for it if i need an item quickly
  2. exactly,, they can atleast kick up a fuss, place a few articles in the national media etc. i suppose it is an education of sorts for these students, or atleast the ones that realise that they are being exploited
  3. It is similar in this case, they were a bit intimidated and did not know better and just handed over the money because it is what you do to rent a house re. NUS i did not mean for them to have special representation. what i would like is the NUS to actually help students instead of being the student wing of the labour party. As students they can have collective bargaining power in say every university and they can be harnessed to reduce such exorbitant admin charges.
  4. yes, i agree with you that they are easily milked for more money. but 960 pounds in admin fee seemed really exorbitant. I feel bad for the students in some ways. their universities exploit them with high fees as well. good for students in your area. I felt that the NUS or some such body could organise the students better so that they all refuse to pay these fees and make a big fuss about it. instead they are worried about whether to clap during meetings or use jazz hands instead
  5. I was talking to a family friend who was entering second year of university. She was moving from campus accommodation to sharing a rental with three other friends about a mile away from campus for her second year at university. I don't know if she is naive or if this practice is now standard operating procedure. All four of them were required to pay admin fees of 240 pounds each, cool 960 pounds for pretty much no work. then they also had to pay 2 months rent during this summer vacation when the property would be empty. They will move into the property at the beginning of next academic year. The rent is about 320 pounds per month per student without utilities and other expenses. So they are collecting 2560 pounds rent even when the property is empty. So in total they have collected 3520 pounds from the students before they have even moved in. Is this common practice all over the country? I nearly didn't believe it but she assured me that it was very real. She feels a bit railroaded into it as the EAs were very rude when she questioned the admin fees. her friends were not too keen to kick up a fuss as they felt they did not have many other choices as they were a bit late searching compared to other students. Even so, it strikes me as sheer exploitation.
  6. i know they have had a lot of hit records. but by the time you take out all the middlemen, management fees, high end lifestyle and the fact that there are five of them, it is amazing that he ends up with so much money. they are a manufactured band and i would have thought they had very little control on what they performed. someone writes their songs and many of their hits are covers. so how much money can you really make? plenty i guess
  7. " In a clever move Shane relocated from Ireland to Surrey at the end of last year meaning his finances are dealt with in the UK. His bankruptcy could have lasted up to 12 years in Ireland but will last just one year if he complies with the rules." surely this means that he is done after a year. or am i mistaken. i am just amazed that he made so much money in the first place.
  8. he is not doing badly is he. all his debts are written off and he starts afresh earning millions from his tours again. surely if he can earn that much, he should be made to pay back more
  9. is he the highest profile casualty in ireland? Shane Filan has been declared bankrupt after his property empire crumpled. The 32-year-old was said to have debts of £18million and a court has ruled that he is bust. Speaking to the Mirror Shane said: 'I have worked long and hard to try to reduce my debts, and I am devastated that it came to this conclusion.' Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz1xkces55Z
  10. dont buy a flat, whatever you do. can you find a freehold property. a tleast then you will be fully responsible for it and not have someone else gouging you with large maintenance fees and the risk of potential problem neighbours very close by have you considered moving just out of london. you could move to greater london, where you still have good links to central london. approximately where do you need to go in central london. you could for instance consider moving to the west/southern end of say piccadilly line (hounslow) or the district line (richmond, wimbledon). although richmond and wimbledon will probably be very expensive as well. what i am trying to say is that there are some other options if you move out just a bit. of course what you save in rent or buying cost will probably be eaten up by increased travel costs. you may get better choices in accommodation though. good luck
  11. that is a good plan and decluttering, minimising to an extent is good for you as well. just having less stuff is very liberating. although your landlady will get the next tenant quite quickly, i imagine. she will probably put up the rent ;-)
  12. do you eventually plan/want to buy a house yourself. in that case, property guardianship seems like a good route. suppose you have to declutter and become bit of a minimalist to make sure you can move quickly. good luck
  13. i dont understand. you are being asked to be a property guardian by the owner of the property to prevent squatters from getting hold of the house. seems like a win-win situation. what is the downside? 1500 a month is a lot. did she buy the property using RTB. ? if it is a possibility, i would look to find a different job away from london. of course i understand that it is easier said than done.
  14. how did the dutch end up with so much household debt. they dont use credit cards as widely as they do here and if i remember correctly, the credit cards are not free either. also it is quite common for people to rent rather than clamber to get on the property ladder. although the house prices are pretty high there for those who choose to buy. but social housing is pretty good and widespread through housing associations
  15. is there one parking space in the development or is it one parking place per flat. anyway, seems like a nightmare to live there if you have to get your pet approved. 5000 pounds annual maintenance charge is a real whopper. more than 400 pounds a month. what are they offering for this amount apart from routine maintenance. is there a gym etc in the complex? even then it is an astounding amount.
  16. we used to live in teddington for a few years before moving to hampton. my husband had rented a flat in harrowdene gardens which is sort of near borland road. it is a decent locality. i dont see many problems there as such. then he bought an ex council flat ( he did not know there was some sort of stigma associated with ex council - he is from europe) because it was just 2 mins to walk to his work from there. the locality is good. what are you planning to offer considering that it sold for 235k at the peak? regarding it being ex council - it is very likely that you have a mix of council tenants , owner occupiers and btl flats. the management of these council block was very reasonable when richmond council managed them. but they sold all of it to a non profit organisation called richmond housing partnership (rhp). since then we saw a drip drip increase in charges. by the time we sold we managed to avoid any major refurbishment expenses although rhp kept wanting to paint the block, metal work , doors etc. they had promised all the council tenants new kitchens , caretaker etc to get the gig. as expected they were useless and the standard of work was poor too. day to day maintenance in our block was deteriorating as well in comparison to when richmond council were managing. also if you have a majority of council and btl flats in your block, they wont care when you complain about the cleanliness, the council tenants dont care about high charges for replacing light bulbs etc. so there is potential for a lot of aggravation. please investigate the charges. also, when were selling it in the beginning of 2007, we got a lot of interest and lot of inflated valuations (especially from snellers). we chose a middle valuation and it was still proving difficult to sell because some people were sniffy about it being ex council despite the fact that the layout, size of rooms etc was very good. we kept our nerve and sold in august 2007 for near asking price after it being 5 months on the market. so i am surprised that they are marketing it at 250k when it was sold for 235k in 2007. you need to get it for a lot less. i think you should think of buying a freehold flat if possible. RHP were a major source of aggravation for us. my husband used to get irritated whenever he saw the MEARS (company which does the maintenance) van just zipping around in the borough. RHP were basically looking for every opportunity to overcharge, come up with flimsy excuses to do unwanted repairs and have a poor quality of work overall. i expect charges have gone up a lot too. good luck what price are you planning to offer.
  17. well, it is just another example of where being frugal and saving a lot of money is not going to do you any good. she should have spent the money having fun, sold the house and got shot of the proceeds, become destitute and got council housing . then she should have taken a load of credit cards, spent the money buying rubbish and then become bankrupt. instead she was very frugal and wanted to do what she considered was the right thing. that is not the done thing. if she had gone into an old people's home, they would have used her assets to pay for it. instead if she had no money the state would have paid for it. the way i look at it, anyone saving and scrimping is asking to be pillaged by the state. the more responsibly you behave, the more likely you are to pay for the irresponsible.
  18. made me wonder if it was a sign for their staff to keep calm, although it is on their window facing outwards. I did not go in to see if they had the signs inside the office as well. or is it for the landlords to keep calm. even their rates seem to be reduced, typically i thought they charged 10% for just collecting the rent. so maybe they are feeling the pressure to reduce rates. everyone has appropriated this keep calm and carry on slogan for their own means including grubby estate agents.
  19. shopping is the leisure activity of choice for most people in this country (and of course other countries as well). so when they have time, they think they will go shopping. it is not about needing something, it is just that they dont know what else to do with their free time. so they crowd the shopping areas and lot of tat is sold there very cheap. so you dont have to spend loads to get your shopping fix. a trip to poundland, 99 p stores, 98 p stores , tk maxx, aldi, lidl etc can give you loads of shopping bags for your buck.
  20. why news international. this concerns the daily mirror. he should be worried about the labour party, bad al campbell and the bbc . they are more likely to smear him. doubt anyone will try to knock him off. he is far too high profile and this place is still nto russia
  21. what's up with kingston? seems the madness is never ending. was talking to a friend yesterday who told me about her friend who has a kid in tiffin school and wanted to buy a property near the school to reduce the commute for the kid. apparently she saw a house for 600k with 3 beds etc and a small garden and was so desperate that she put in a full price offer before seeing it because apparently there were a lot of other interested parties. she put in her offer on a friday and the next day she got a ten minute slot to see the property. she was truly disappointed because it was tiny and the pictures were very misleading and she withdrew her offer. but apparently there were many interested parties. somehow i find it difficult to believe even though the house is near a desirable school. only thing i can think of is that there is not much on the market and every new listing gets a lot of interest before it may peter out. please tell me there is no hpi in some areas of kingston. the same woman looked at other properties nearby and they all seem very expensive
  22. farage himself is fine and he does do some good stuff, but the rest of his party is not upto the standard. they need some really good candidates. even then, ukip is doing well and might displace the limp dems to become the the third largest party in the uk. of course the bbc (and therefore a large majority of the media) try and ignore them.
  23. here is brillo interviewing the limp dem chairman, tim farron who has been accusing the tories of being all sorts of nasty things before his adoring audience. he cant answer a single question in a consistent coherent manner. absolutely zero conviction and does the usual politician trick of keeping on talking so that the audience dont remember what charge the interviewer was putting to him in the first place. to me he is everything the libdems stand for. good for shouting in opposition and coming up with meaningless, unfeasible schemes, but panicking in govt and worried witless about how the electorate,media etc will react. even ed millipede seems a bit braver than him.
  24. I have left food for my cat for 3 to 4 days and lots of water. she regulated herself well and paced herself. of course she was hopping mad when i got back. not sure what that proves apart from the difference between cats and dogs
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