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  1. In truth, the only inflation they care about, and the only good inflation for the non-indebted. Can't have that getting out of hand, can we?
  2. FTFY: "as Carnage has a responsibility to keep wage inflation in check". We can't have productive members of the economy getting too big for their boots, can we? Not while rentiers and banksters still need more yachts.
  3. Not yet on the market, but we've just discovered that my mother's house is unmortgageable. We have to sell it to cover care costs as she has dementia and needs to go into a home. It's a 5 bed corner plot semi detached and because there's a mine shaft entrance in the garden of a house 2 doors up, the valuation is £120K, about £80K less than we'd initially been told. Given that her care costs out of pocket will be about £20K per year, that's 2 years fewer in a nice home of our choice and 2 years more in a shitty one covered by social services once they have eaten up the estate.
  4. Pre-existing mortgages have got cheaper, but new mortgages are still at eye-watering %ages of household income. If you've bought recently and suddenly have to find £2K a month to pay your bank, you're not going on weekend trips to New York anymore, you're lucky to get a day trip to Bognor. This is one of the critical and most often ignored (outside of here) factors of HPI; it slowly strangles the rest of the economy by hoovering up any spare cash that's floating around.
  5. High street retail is dead, it's all moved to indoor malls. Sandwich shops, charity shops and bookies make up the majority of UK high streets outside of Intu and Westfield type malls.
  6. Only if we can send only OAPs and the unemployed to the front lines.
  7. I was in Ireland and 2007 was the end of the gov sponsored SSIA scheme, which paid 25% top up on regular savings locked in for 5 years. That was my first nest egg, which the unemployment (14 month total) ate up. I'd never planned to stay permanently, and seeing what happened to property when I left I'm glad I didn't. I wish that I had been able to buy when I moved there though, that would have been a nice HPI wave to ride.
  8. 1973 here. I worked abroad between 1998 and 2007, so completely missed out on UK HPI, then when I came back all my savings were eaten up by unemployment after a couple of job losses. I didn't qualify for benefits because I hadn't quite done two full years of NI payments and I was living with my partner. I'm slowly building up a new deposit/nest egg but who's going to give me a 25yr+ FTB mortgage aged almost 50?
  9. 21%, or if you prefer, £150K price drop in just over 4 months: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-53268772.html 14/08/2016 Price changed: Offers in Excess of £599,950 £569,950 15/05/2016, Price changed: £649,950 Offers in Excess of £599,950 08/04/2016, Price changed: Offers in Region of £720,000 £649,950 02/03/2016, Initial entry found. Still silly money, mind.
  10. "High housing costs and a lack of personal savings" Pretty sure these two might be connected somehow.
  11. Also a problem for care costs, if there's no house to claw back against.
  12. Similar stuff happens with rental properties as well. I had a quick look at our postcode on Rightmove last week, only to find our current flat being advertised by the same agent that let it to us two and a half years ago. The pictures were exactly the same as before, but the rent has increased by 20% (about right for the area). The wrinkle in this is that we stopped operating through the agent over a year ago. We signed a contract directly with the landlords when our initial term finished, and told the agency that the flat was off the market for refurbishment. Presumably they are using our
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