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  1. thanks for replying yes my niece is married yes it will be part cash part mortgage my sister just came up with the price she has not got a valuation on the annex the house is in a leafy part of surrey a nice area near a rail station no my niece did not get a valuation she made an offer and she got about twenty thousand pounds off the asking price my sisters solicitor is doing a second charge i believe which it states if her daughter and husband sell she will receive her money back you see her daughter's husband keeps leaving his jobs every couple of years either being bullied or he gets stressed and just walks out up to now he has managed to get other good well paid jobs in the city but sooner or later his luck is going to run out he is having problems at work now with stress and unable to handle the workload he is having counselling to try and handle it he has just been off work for 3 weeks with stress and a heavy workload also he has a terrible temper that he brings home with him my sister just wants to help her daughter and her 2 children move to a bigger house and a nicer area it's all very sad if my sister wanted her money back her daughter could only do it if she sold the house of extended her mortgage but with her husband's history i dread to think what will happen there guilty as sin
  2. my disabled sister who recently lost her husband and has been living alone for the past 6 months her daughter who is buying a house with a small granny annex suggested that she could have the annex to live in so my sister has agreed to pay one hundred and thirty thousand towards her daughter house sale which is five hundred and seventy five thousand pounds minus the one hundred and thirty thousand pounds my sister will be putting in she has a solicitor to act who is doing a legal charge for her as follows if the house is sold in the future she can have her money back if any disagreements that cannot be resolved in the future and if things get really bad she wants her money returned so she will be able to move out no rent to be paid also will there be any tax implications for my sister please could you send any helpful replies guilty as sin
  3. my daughter's house is under offer to a woman who my daughter thought was buying it for her own use however today she gets a call from the estate agent saying the woman will now be renting the house out and can my daughter start showing prospective renters around the property the house is not even sold yet i can't believe the brass neck of some people is this normally done before it's sold to landlords guilty as sin
  4. swampy thats nothing compared to the filthy run down places we have seen despite being written up well by the estate agents, at one dump we were even asked to remove our shoes before walking on the disgusting filthy carpets. It used to be all nicly presented homes with run down manky holes being rare and written up accordingly. But now they are nearly all tips do people not have pride in living in clean tidy well maintained homes anymore. one place we visited had very well soiled underwear left lying on the sofa, even the estate agent was shamed.
  5. we are house hunting north surrey. But all we are seeing is mostly run down ex council houses that landlords are putting on the market. Why are the buy to let owners selling off their houses and why are so few normal houses in good condition comming on the market. We were wondering if landlords fear houses dropping and cashing them in before prices drop any further. whats your view in your area.
  6. had a phone call after today and was told by an estate agent name your price on a property we viewd. earlier we had an offer refused then it was accepted, but as prices in north surrey are dropping we decided to sit and watch the market. looks like the crash is getting started.
  7. estate agents have been chasing us this last few days, prev turned down offer's are now acceptable. The first signs sellers are having to drop below their top dollar asking prices.
  8. saw it back on rightmove today again never heard from the estate agents. So no idea where we stand, rang the head office of the estate agent chain and made a complaint about not informing us its back on the market while we are going through the purchase. feel so had over by the estate agent seriosly thinking of pulling out, estate agents head office seemed helpful will give a few days to get a reply.
  9. we put an offer in on a home [asking price] lower offer was not accepted. had a survey done which showed many faults, so rather than pull out we thought get a builder to go for quotes on repairs then if expensive discuss the offer price. before even bringing the topic up the owner told the estate agent he would not drop despite what ever the buiders quotes were. So with this attitude we pulled out and cancelled quotes/sol/mortgage etc. a day or too later estate agents rang said get the quotes and he would now discuss. sounds good so we rang everyone and said its back on. telling the sol not to conduct searches etc till we had agreed a price [still suspicious of owner] went into estate agents fully discussed everything and all seemed well. by chance drove past the house and found it had a board up back up for sale behind out back, [but not on the internet perhaps so we would not notice as we live a long way off] Rang the estate agent [part of a national chain] who confirmed it all and said it was all going too slow. Now agree they act on behalf of the seller first. But my moan should they have told us they had put it back on the market instead of keeping quiet about it. any comments now worried can we still trust the estate agent and the owner
  10. just returned from york after a short holiday as that is where the wife comes from. we could not believe how many blocks of new builds flats have been put up and many more are being built. we parked in a side street in the centre of york for a few days opp was a row of victorian terraces being flipped by some pikey type builders talk about being bodged up judging by the materials being taken in. the for sale boards were already up outside.we went to the estate agent they were selling them for £245000 for a bodged terrace houses. york was heaving with people just too crowded to walk around in peace also lots of high end london shops around the women and heaps of students with armfuls of deasigner shopping bags or hanging around in trendy cafe's. betty's was heaving with customers queuing outside is this where all the QE is going.
  11. makes me wonder if phil has been given a back hander to encourage the girl to buy perhaps an estate agent or someone he certainly did not put up a fight to try to get her a better offer very strange
  12. Two years ago the old lady died next door and a builder bought the house off her relatives for a very reduced price he started a big renovation job on it [we think the builder has bought the house for a quick renovation and sell for a large profit but has run out of funds] of the house, he replaced the roof causing lots of dust and mess but the building work seems to have stalled with seven foot high boadring and scaffolding over one end of the house with a partly completed two story sunhouse extension, the dugup driveway is slowly eating its way into the footway [does have a dropped kerb] the general appearance of the house is an eyesore. Visitors to our home tell us to apply for a rates reduction, so we contacted the the rates dept of the council who told us to contact the Valuation Office Agency (part of the Inland Revenue) to have our house inspected and revalued. But have been told they could raise the rates value as well as reduce it. I feel this is a threat to put us off. Can anyone advise please, would I get anywhere with this eyesore next door.
  13. Thanks blue loo and timm cant wait till she pops round will send her this thread now to read This is getting stupid she is just like a lamb to the slaughter she is getting her mortgage through the estate agent also who is supposed to be getting her a better deal through the abbey GAS
  14. to blo fly Yes we will be showing her this thread we will be wearing full protective gear!!! Now it is getting worse the estate agent has recommended a solicitor 25 miles away from where she lives GAS
  15. she is still waiting for her offer to be accepted, she looked 4-5 other ones she like but they were taken before she could put an offer in.
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