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  1. You're not really sorry, are you? Seriously, though, I finally got logged in after almost an hour of trying. Managed to pay two bills, but lost connection again. I give up.
  2. I'm having difficulty logging in to my Natwest online account. Should I be disturbed by this? Are they going to be a new NR?
  3. I would include Osama in the celebrity judging panel. The best way to beat him would be to include him.
  4. Camberwick Green, which is beginning to look real now.
  5. As you well know, they may be the size of coconuts, but they're not hairy.
  6. He must have got stuck in the loo. That's why he went down with the ship, then.
  7. For 'politicians', read 'Mafia'. They'll soon start telling you what to do at gunpoint, DB.
  8. Great! Please excuse me while I go and buy a pan, shovel and air ticket.
  9. Not, I think, because Englishmen wouldn't do the job? Perhaps Scots are the only men BRAVE enough.
  10. Just for your information, the black slang term 'coconut' means a person who is black on the outside but white on the inside. i.e. a black person who has 'sold out' to white customs. Could this be why so many coconuts get kicked?
  11. BBC News 24 business news 1630 hours. Yes folks a new gold rush in Australia is on the cards. Does this mean that the price of gold will drop through the floor because of over supply ? Should I sell my bangles ?
  12. Don't mock. Some traders will need those long shorts when they lose their shirts.
  13. Where is Detling ? Detling New Town sounds nice. Debtling sounds even better
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