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  1. 'Luxury' = exorbitantly priced out of the reach of most sensible people.
  2. 'Is that a quid in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?'.......
  3. I tried that, but neighbours objected to the smell of rancid fish and chips every time I started it up.
  4. Is it only petrol-engined 4x4's you hate, or do you include my diesel Landcruiser?
  5. For the rich, lazy, fat, unhealthy ready meals brigade. The sort who think an Uncle Ben's 2-minutes-in-the-microwave-rice is a healthy meal! It lets them indulge thweir fantasies of being richer than us poor kitchen-owners.
  6. But who would want to live in Poland? Not even the Polish, apparently.
  7. would you let a designer who dresses like this one design your home? I think not!
  8. Not to mention the extra cost of providing a homebuyers' pack on top or all the other costs of selling and settling with lender.
  9. quote of the week? "confounded old fogies" Rich,confounded old fogies, more like.
  10. I can do that, too. Can I join the trolls? They look much more fun than the rest of this site!
  11. I always try Ebay first for books. However, no copy of 'The Final Crash' [which looks a must-read] is on there yet. The Book Depository does look good, though.
  12. I knew there was a problem when I couldn't log in to my Natwest online account on Friday You should read my posts, Steve! :angry:
  13. A block of flats here built 4.5 years ago is still half empty. The flat market will fall long before the house market.
  14. I have no ideal of the answer to your questions, but I visited Perth Mint in June - great buzz.
  15. Andrew Bonar Law was the shortest serving pm 23 October 1922 to 22 May 1923 on being diagnosed with throat cancer... Gordie could break that record as he flees before his chickens all come home to roost. http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/p...ens-Posters.jpg
  16. Strange you didn't think of it. Afteer all, the BoE was started by a scot. Just blame us for everything!
  17. You men! It's only an avatar, chosen by a friend.
  18. Another 'Black Friday'? Or just a brown [is the new black] Friday?
  19. P.S. If my earnings were immoral, I'd hide them from the taxman in my mattress!
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