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  1. At least she'd have a fighting chance of paying the mortgage
  2. Very much depends on the state. Western Australia is still on the up, due to mineral deposits being bought up by the Chinese, though falls of 10% were recorded in January in some of the less salubrious suburbs of Perth. Try following this link: http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?Men...ContentID=43410
  3. I think this is someone selling in the hopes of shoring up a mortgage he can't afford. He'd be better getting planning permission to convert into a bedsit,moving into the garage and selling the house.
  4. Brilliant idea - a house for the price of a small Skoda.
  5. Good one - I can just picture the headlines: 'NR downed by Al Qaeda' GB off the hook?
  6. No. They are just as inept as ever, but scared banks are not sending defaulters to court as soon as they used to, so repos and insolvencies take longer to happen than they used to.
  7. Could be that courts will be overflowing with reposession hearings very soon.
  8. Alan Johnston has just announced a hike in NHS Psychological services spending. Has he been reading this topic?
  9. I could peddle my recipe for home made soup - perfectly balanced nutritionally - for only £99 a time!
  10. I've got a big ex-army son who knows how to use such implements. Head for the bunker, boys!
  11. You've seen the photo - what do you think? Are you male?
  12. Only if you're filthy rich and don't stand to lose on the Crash.
  13. Just had another thought! Any blokes out there pretending to be women?
  14. I do sometimes get thoughts, but it depends on the hormones! Seriously, I do get argument, but sometimes I set out to invite argument. There's nothing like a good argument, I say. In fact, it should be my motto. I did find at first that my posts weren't taken seriously, in fact one topic I started early on was completely ignored, though it was topical and related to HPC. A female on HPC could get a complex if her ego isn't man-sized. Talking about mottoes - how about this for HPC? "The budget should be balanced, the treasury refilled, public debt reduced, the arrogance of officialdom tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt. " Quintus Tullius Cicero
  15. I flagged up the demise of one of the South's biggest motor cruiser sellers about 2 months ago... As a newbie then, I may have started a topic on boats on the main HPC forum - can't find it anyway. See links for details. http://www.ybw.com/auto/newsdesk/20070810134628mbmnews.html http://www.mbmclub.com/auto/newsdesk/20070...900mbmnews.html
  16. In the case of the many newbuild 'apartments' near me, that would be a contravention of the Trades Descriptions Act.
  17. Not to mention the 3,475 repeats the will insist on doing, with outdated prices - very misleading.
  18. Do you think the beeb will pull all its property porn now? No chance.
  19. I can see it all now. HPC and ensuing turbulence in the financial markets blamed on the poor suckers who bought their council houses on sub-prime mortgages and the unscrupulous lenders who enabled them to do it. Gorgon Brown escapes with impunity, though he has made it possible during his term as chancellor. He must be bricking it.
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