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  1. He ain't called Daft Boy for nothing. No irony there.....
  2. On top of which, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Possibly illegal immigrants, too.
  3. Probably. After watching Watchdog [bBC1] last night, I found out that HMRC had been mixing up individuals and their NI contributions sending personal details of taxpayers to other taxpayers laying taxpayers wide open to identity theft, which had apparently taken place on at least one occasion mislaid CD with taxpayers' details And that's just the stuff Watchdog know about. HMRC declined to comment, or to field a spokesman. Could the whole AD statement thing be because they've been 'found out'?
  4. Or the local cats that disappear every time a new chinese opens.....
  5. Is that an improvement on the local kebab house that was closed down after a membe of the public witnessed a staff member w*nking into the coleslaw? Or is it worse?
  6. Being on disability and not knowing whether you can work or not is difficult. You may, I think, work up to 16 hours a week without affecting your incapacity benefit. If, like me, you are recovering slowly from a major stroke, you don't know if you can cope with work for enough hours in the week to earn enough to afford to get off benefit. If you try, you lose benefit. Then, there's always the chance of all the stress causing another stroke. [Mine was caused by the stress of 13 hour days in the NHS] Last week I spent 2 days nursing my 81 year old mother through an infection. I'm still knackered and recovering now. I won't be going to work for a while, I fear.
  7. In fact, rather like the 2006 monsters in Dr Who, the Slitheen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slitheen
  8. Couldn't say, but this is obviously at the root of the general unease and apparent seeming always to have something to hide. Personally, I couldn't give a f*ck what way he swings. He still has to go.
  9. Interesting. It'll be btl's offering buy one, get one free next.
  10. Too right! And didn't they used to say that Geordies were Scotsmen with the brains kicked out? I [a Scot] was married to a Geordie for 24 years. It fair scunnered me! :angry:
  11. Absolutely agree. I fully intend to return home to Scotland when she's independent, after 30 years slaving in the South of England. In fact, I'm so fed up here, I may just return anyway. The English keep telling Scots that they don't need them to run their country. Just wait and see how they get on without us!!
  12. Let's just call it compensation for all the years since the Norman conquest when you've marched into Scotland, tried to colonise and trodden the people into the ground.
  13. And haven't we got great renewables? Water, hydro power, wind power, wave power -and all that rain! Makes me almost homesick.
  14. I think the English have suffered the biggest bunch of no hopers in the UK over the past 10 years.
  15. Keep your money stuffed in your mattress. IMO it's safer there than in any financial institution.
  16. They have no option - it's standard practice at this stage.
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