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  1. What universe are you living in, NN? In mine, it's Thursday [i think]. How about calling the site plotBay? Then they could auction the plots for maximum cash. And why not go the whole hog and get cremated? Then you could sell the plots for ash scattering. The site for that would be called Cashforash.co.uk.
  2. Why did it take them 10 days to get the police in in the first place? Who trusts the incompetent police to find their own *rses in the dark, never mind an unspecified [and increasing] number of discs? Edit spelling! The little piggies are really monkeys, paid peanuts, and guaranteed to squeal to the press for some much needed-cash. A case of 'shirk and tell'?
  3. Let's face it, they've been lying in their teeth so long, they wouldn't recognise the truth if it bit them on the *rse.
  4. That's why I'm betting on a Christmas rate cut - and a January rate rise.
  5. Had you noticed that it's always 'UK' when the English lose, and 'England' when they win?
  6. Perchance the retail trade is again expecting its worst christmas ever?
  7. I think it's time to review GB's fitness to govern.
  8. Be fair. The gov't also knows how to enact unenforceable legislation that nobody wants, usually in a knee-jerk reaction to some loophole they've discovered in a statute enacted in the 16th century.
  9. You'd need to be alcoholic - that's an illness. I wonder how many of the sickies are alcoholics.
  10. I blame the education system for there being no leaders. After all, treating everybody as if they've succeeded, even if it's only in wiping their own a*ses makes them feel like successful leaders, and you're neglecting to develop those with true leadership qualities. Nulab is a prime example of the outcome: THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. :angry: Get them out quick while there may be hope of recovery for the country.
  11. Gorgon Brown has caught the Darling stutter today. He looks haggard.
  12. ...On eBay - allegedly. http://*******.com/38k4t5
  13. ...and Gorgon will have 25 million of these to sell to him......
  14. But that doesn't allow for the high they get from the power of office. IMHO that's why governments always hang on till the last possible moment. On the brighter side, I think that around 25 million more people will no longer vote lab at the next general election.
  15. They should review Alastair Darling's salary and remove all aspects of it that relate to responsibility. Or he should resign. :angry:
  16. Couldn't happen to a better bloke - except Brown. Anyone working on the Brown fitup?
  17. Bugger - the old 'shred the in-tray' trick discovered
  18. He's gone to see if he can persuade more Ugandans to con Brits out of money through eBay, th4e proceeds going to bail the gov't out of the NR f*ckup.
  19. It would be interesting to know which subcontractor deals with their internal mail. G4S, perhaps?
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