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  1. Would you be as happy with the reciprocal healthcare arrange if you were in Greece, I wonder.
  2. However, having emigrated from UK, he'll no longer be UK's problem.
  3. Poole to Heathrow daily in summer traffic would be a no-no for me. 3 months of commuting there daily from Southampton in summer 2012 was quite enough! Just take a drive there, stay in a B&B and see how congested all the roads are before you try the Poole - London commute. I had to give up an interim assignment in Reading because of the gridlocked traffic system in Feb/Mar this year. 3 hours for 54 motorway miles daily! Not to be attempted again. Be warned!
  4. Considering the majority of them have spent the better part of the last 1000 years knocking seven shades of sh1t out of the Scots, I would say they'd already voted.
  5. believe my water is piped from the mainland - and crappyit is, too - but thy seem to have their own supply in south-east Wight. Edit: keyboard batteries now replaced!
  6. There is a downside to water meters. We have hd them on the IOW since around 1990. Unfortunately, people just reduce their water consumption, and water co puts prices up to compensate.
  7. Clearly, you never took up plumbing after your course. Mine just quoted me £90 per hour.
  8. Simply the biggest.

  9. Wait - haven't IWBC all retired on fat pensions and ill-gotten gains and emigrated to South America, out of reach of the law?
  10. Wait a minute. Weren't they marketed as 'luxury' to justify the outrageously high price tag?
  11. ...and when you consider how badly he's f ucked up with only one eye, it is difficult to imagine how bad things'll get when he loses the sight of the other!
  12. Interesting that UB40 bought its first instruments with compensation money that lead singer Ali Campbell 'earned' after a fight in a pub on his 17th birthday. Compensation culture gone mad? You should go into business training EAs to wax lyrical properly - they'll need it in the near future.
  13. If I recall. that famous Birmingham group, UB 40, had a hit with a song: "There's a rat in mi kichen what am I gonna do?" Didn't they just live round the corner in Balsall Heath? I didn't realise it was probably based on a true life experience. Perhaps the new residents of Digbeth will have a similar experience shortly once the rats get into the service pipes and ducts of their 'luxury' apartments.
  14. They are likely to be on a hiding to nothing with this government. [i hope]... :angry:
  15. Not to mention providing more than enough funding fpr the pay rise to be paid in full, like in Scotland. where bobbies have to deal with some really vicious stuff.
  16. A bit difficult. I see the Tories as the party of The Emperor's New Clothes' Difficult for Labour to steal what doesn't exist.
  17. Definitely the line of least resistance...would you volunteer to be the hangman?
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