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  1. I heard its because bendy buses killed around 2763 cyclists in London last year and it makes such a mess on the road. The cyclists get snapped up in the bendy bit like a nut in a nut cracker. I don't know the technical term for it.
  2. Wow what a coincidence, I did the same as you with my savings. He said that he would also give me a big bonus from an old account he has discovered belonging to some dead people. What a great investment.
  3. Clearly, the so-called engineering prowess of the Chinese does not extend to their first cousins, theTaiwanese, whose country they claim is theirs. The Taiwanese engineers servicing the jet that burst into flames on landing in Japan today were just as efficient as their Chinese neighbours.
  4. Peters Opal, luxury boat sales and marina owners on the south coast, announced today that they're laying off staff. Is this another indicator of an imminent crash? A quick look at their website shows that for sale are 295 power boats and 214 luxury yachts, priced from £39,000 to £3.5m. Is the boat the first to go when the rich are feeling the squeeze? Will the house be next?
  5. Yawn! So should this site be renamed flatpricecrash, as the apartment market seems to be beating the house market in the race to the bottom.
  6. Economists are either the bravest of the brave or the stupidest of the stupid. Why don't they poke around with a long stick to find out where the mines are planted or walk single file ?
  7. With the huge amount of empty overpriced new build apartments in Birmingham city centre, and the lack of young (immature) professionals (someone in a paid job) for developers to sell a dream to, I am not really suprised.
  8. I think you will find that my definition is correct in accordance with the OED. You will find that qualifications form no part of that definition. In fact my professional interior designer never even passed the 11+ and he is so wonderful at his job.
  9. What price peace in the Middle East now Tony's in charge? Not a chance.
  10. I guess that only those school leavers from schools like King Edward's will have any chance of being young professionals. The others merely qualify as being 'young'.....or do they? Second post - now I'm all aflutter!
  11. Hi Guys, This is my first post and i am quite excited in a girlie kind of way. I think being professional means being really good at your job and taking a real pride in what you do . That was not as bad as I thought it would be. The first time is always a bit hit and miss if you know what I mean.
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