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  1. 1 hour ago, EUBanana said:

    The plebs want to leave.  The ruling class does not.  And they rule, and are not afraid to defy the people to do so it seems, and so we will not leave.

    I do think it'll mean yet another blow to the notion of democracy.  I'm not even gonna bother playing lip service to the notion if they do overturn it.  Parliament is no longer a representative chamber, it's just been wholly captured by vested, antidemocratic interests.  I will actually get off my ar5e and show up in London to be kettled by the ruling (well, it'll be more occupying than ruling) classes footsoldiers if it comes to that.

    That's exactly what I think. Kiss goodbye to any notion of democracy if the result of the referendum are overturned by the quasi-Normans. 

  2. Already being discussed, and no, it doesn't have to happen. Scotland voted to remain with the UK, there was nothing about the EU on that ballot. There was no mention of staying in the UK unless it went in a direction you don't like. If Scotland didn't want to remain part of the UK whatever the UK does it should've voted to leave back then. Scotland made its decision, if it doesn't like the result of it boo-effing-hoo.

    Too right. Scotland, my homeland, seems to be stuck with the U.K.

    Paradoxically, I would have voted no to Scottish independence because of the vague economic future the yes vote indicated. But I voted out in the referendum. ?

  3. Of course there are people over the age of 60 that still work but the majority of people 60+ are retired.

    It is hard to change the mindsets of people 60+ as they become steadfast in their opinions. They were born in a time when the union was meaningful and something to be proud of. Those times are long gone and the elderly hold far different opinions to the young regarding the continued existence, relevance and supposed benefits of the union. This was demonstrated by the young voting heavily for independence and the old voting heavily for the status quo.

    Tick Tock!

    I'd vote for anything that upsets the status quo in England.
  4. You make it sound like only the poor and unemployed voted YES and that every one else voted NO. That is unfair.

    It is true that the vast majority of the poor and unemployed did vote YES (because they have little to lose) but it is also true that roughly half of the working population voted YES too.

    It was the over 60's that swung it for the NO camp as they overwhelmingly voted NO. So you could say it was the jobless that voted NO!

    Good one! I'm over 60, working and would have voted NO.

  5. I think the SNP has succeeded. Made the English realise that you can't have a Union based on countries pulling in opposite directions. The first past the post system has accentuated the divide by wiping out the opposition even though they achieved 50% of the vote.

    Could be the end game now for the Union.

    I'm somebody that likes insurance, I was born a Bear and I will die a Bear; if I was a Scot I would prefer the insurance of 60 million not 5 million to cover the liabilities of Glaswegian welfare lifers and an ageing demographic. I guess fiscally it could go anywhere for the Scots including bankruptcy or super wealth. The English will still have the insurance of numbers.

    That's why most working scots voted No. If you correlate the 'Yes' areas to areas of high unemployment you'll find a good fit.

  6. Who's we? I have essentially no say over what the UK government does. I am one person and I'd prefer to have a reasonable degree of freedom to live my life in a way that suits me.

    By the same token you have exponentially less say in European government than you do in UK.

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