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  1. Strange, that, I am too. Though I will be on holiday a week from today.
  2. Great idea. I want my thread back - after the revolution?
  3. I'm speechless. I have no opinion. Cutting interest rates makes imports expensive. Raising them encourages inward investment. Where's the happy medium? Edit to say: can we have a 'don't know' button for people like me, please?
  4. That's exactly what I think. Kiss goodbye to any notion of democracy if the result of the referendum are overturned by the quasi-Normans.
  5. I wonder how many more EU countries' populations will demand an in/out referendum.
  6. Too right. Scotland, my homeland, seems to be stuck with the U.K. Paradoxically, I would have voted no to Scottish independence because of the vague economic future the yes vote indicated. But I voted out in the referendum. ?
  7. Of course it's constructive dismissal if they take your avatar without consultation. I expect you'll find yourselves barred tomorrow. Nice knowing you.
  8. Mine disappeared too. Haven't checked on the laptop. I'm using my phone.
  9. I just like stating the bleedin' obvious.
  10. I'd vote for anything that upsets the status quo in England.
  11. Good one! I'm over 60, working and would have voted NO.
  12. That's why most working scots voted No. If you correlate the 'Yes' areas to areas of high unemployment you'll find a good fit.
  13. Yes.on Moray Firth, between Buckie and Cullen. Famous for the Bow Fiddle Rock, the quarterly magazine called the K'nocker and an extremely friendly community. I'm thinking it might be nice to move there.
  14. So I'll add to it to say that I'm off to the land of my birth early tomorrow morning to refresh my Scottishness. Paisley, Ellon and Portknockie - here I come!
  15. Seems to me that after millennia of fighting among themselves in the face of English domination, the Scots have finally got their act together and united. I'm sure a small thing like a Con/Lab stitch up wont stop the SNP MPs. They'll have to hit the ground running, though. It now seems like the English are more likely to precipitate independence than the Scots.
  16. He needs to be impeached. NOW.
  17. Yeah. And we could just send his face. IS would understand that as a gesture.
  18. By the same token you have exponentially less say in European government than you do in UK.
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