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  1. Bossybabe

    Where are they

    Strange, that, I am too. Though I will be on holiday a week from today.
  2. Bossybabe

    A thanks to the mods

    Great idea. I want my thread back - after the revolution?
  3. Bossybabe

    SJW meltdown

    First I've heard...
  4. Bossybabe

    SJW meltdown

    My sentiments exactly. Shrewd choice, I thought. Trump being being elected is quicker and cheaper than having a reprise of the American Civil War.
  5. Bossybabe

    SJW meltdown

    The selection waiting ting for me on Facebook this morning: "The last days of the Roman empire... Sorry American empire..." "to simultaneously believe passionately in and despair utterly of democracy" "Do not despair. Kick the darkness until it bleeds light, by continual acts of kindness & compassion and working for social justice. We can't leave it to the politicians and establishments."
  6. Bossybabe

    SJW meltdown

    Bring back pragmatism and stoicism.
  7. Bossybabe

    Poll - Should Carney be sacked?

    I'm speechless. I have no opinion. Cutting interest rates makes imports expensive. Raising them encourages inward investment. Where's the happy medium? Edit to say: can we have a 'don't know' button for people like me, please?
  8. Bossybabe

    Poll - Should Carney be sacked?

    Isn't that a bit on-topic, BB?
  9. Bossybabe

    Will we leave the EU?

    That's exactly what I think. Kiss goodbye to any notion of democracy if the result of the referendum are overturned by the quasi-Normans.
  10. Bossybabe

    Scottish Independence Referendum 2

    I wonder how many more EU countries' populations will demand an in/out referendum.
  11. Bossybabe

    Scottish Independence Referendum 2

    Too right. Scotland, my homeland, seems to be stuck with the U.K. Paradoxically, I would have voted no to Scottish independence because of the vague economic future the yes vote indicated. But I voted out in the referendum. ?
  12. Bossybabe

    Where's My Avatar?

    Perhaps we should form an elite off off topic group?
  13. Bossybabe

    Where's My Avatar?

    Of course it's constructive dismissal if they take your avatar without consultation. I expect you'll find yourselves barred tomorrow. Nice knowing you.
  14. Bossybabe

    Where's My Avatar?

    I can see yours. Can you see mine?

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