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  1. Strange, that, I am too. Though I will be on holiday a week from today.
  2. Great idea. I want my thread back - after the revolution?
  3. I'm speechless. I have no opinion. Cutting interest rates makes imports expensive. Raising them encourages inward investment. Where's the happy medium? Edit to say: can we have a 'don't know' button for people like me, please?
  4. That's exactly what I think. Kiss goodbye to any notion of democracy if the result of the referendum are overturned by the quasi-Normans.
  5. I wonder how many more EU countries' populations will demand an in/out referendum.
  6. Too right. Scotland, my homeland, seems to be stuck with the U.K. Paradoxically, I would have voted no to Scottish independence because of the vague economic future the yes vote indicated. But I voted out in the referendum. ?
  7. Of course it's constructive dismissal if they take your avatar without consultation. I expect you'll find yourselves barred tomorrow. Nice knowing you.
  8. Mine disappeared too. Haven't checked on the laptop. I'm using my phone.
  9. I just like stating the bleedin' obvious.
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