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  1. I shall call my man at Bear Stearns immediately to see if they would be interested
  2. I agree with the OP. There's a woman on here who has 9 children and has advised one of them, a bright girl, not to attend university if if means taking on student debt. She has obviously came to this conclusion from the "expert" advice and "analysis" from this forum. Her daughter will pay the price for the rest of her life. I came to this forum to be entertained (which I am - I'd like to thank the many posters here for that, beats watching television any day). I rather naively thought that was why other people were here as well. It's a little horrific to find that people are actually taking things seriously here.
  3. US short term bonds. Or try UK short term gilts. Or just stick it in National Savings products.
  4. My advice to you is to take out a life assurance policy in your name with your daughter as a beneficiary and then secretly pay a hitman a few grand to finish you off. A win-win situation for all!
  5. This is the most stupid advice I have read on this forum. Friends of mine have taken out loans of £50k-£100k to go to business school either here or abroad. They are all now on 6 figure salaries and their debt is in the past. You would deny your child, who has 3 good A-Levels, further education because of a measly £20k debt undertaking! You should be locked up for child abuse!!!
  6. http://www.markit.com/information/affiliations/abx.html BTW, I posted this in a new thread which never appeared. Some of you may be interested in seeing the price (or the index price) of the sub prime bonds you may be hearing about. BBB- are sub prime (I expect this to go to zero) while the AAA stuff will probably decline to BBB-.
  7. The currency markets have already factored in a rate cut of 0.5%. The real question is what will happen if the Fed doesn't cut by 0.5 but say cuts by 0.25% or perhaps nothing at all? Edit: realistbear, bernanke would be lynched on the streets if he raised a quarter point!
  8. Pure BS about Hackney being more dangerous than Soweto. Do you have to pay for medical treatment in Soweto? I suspect you do. I'm sure the demographic profile of Hackney and Soweto are so similar!
  9. Sure at the moment you can do profitable business at current rates. But for each rate increase, your profitability on the project declines. At some point, the project would become unfeasible, so you wouldn't borrow the 50%. Also, look at the deal in the eyes of your customer. He might not want to place an order for similar reasons.
  10. I suggest you arrange a meeting with your CEO and Finance Director to discuss whether interest rates have an effect on your company. Might be an eye opener for you!
  11. Just be careful of whom you listen to. Horlick appears to have made a fantastic career of marketing lousy funds to people.
  12. From what I recall of this Nicola Horlick, she was a marketing expert rather than an investment manager. She could sell ice to an Eskimo. However, the media seemed to think she actually managed the funds. I don't think the funds she marketed have done particularly well or anything.
  13. Strange that he said inflation was the lesser of two evils. There's no way that's true. Unchecked inflation destroys economies and societies to the core - witness Zimbabwe and others at the moment and recall Germany's experience in the late twenties. A mild recession can cut away much of the dead wood and enable fresh growth.
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