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  1. No but I have got loads of out of date pasta and rice if you're interested?
  2. I jhave waited up to hear that his mum has increased his rent.
  3. Yep. And the news is we all survived another day on this planet.
  4. I don't think you're going to find the truth at the beeb!
  5. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1165571/pg1
  6. As monumental as about 180 people taking a brief break from viewing porn.
  7. I wonder what his mum told him? Maybe she has sourced the story from reading the tea leaves in his cup?
  8. Be careful what you wish for. If in the years ahead you ever have to call upon the emergency services and they don't arrive then at the point of death I'm sure you'll be comforted by the fact that the smoke screen has been lifted.
  9. Surely this report is misleading because I thought people actually got paid for renting in a nasty chav infested shit hole like Southampton.
  10. He made a factually correct comment about Israel's treatment of the Palistian people so that naturally means he's a racist?
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