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  1. Can you please tell me how your taxes go to support rich people's kids in posh schools?
  2. Sorry about taking so long getting back to you-it's been a bit busy in the office recently. I would have thought that taking a deliberately extreme and untrue version of a situation would constitute trolling. However morally repugnant you may find private schools, they are not obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception, and nor are they breaking the criminal law. putting aside that some public schools are actually owned and operated for profit, the majority are not for profit organisations, and would be registered in most cases as charities. To make the assumption that if you have payin
  3. The good University of Teeside says that an offer is made for this course between 180 - 220 UCAS points. Looking at the points tables, she could get in with Stage 3 riding and horse knowledge and care (70 points), a pass in a certificate of personal effectiveness (70 points) ( and f*^£ knows what that is!), and a D grade A level (60 points). And for any undergraduates at the University of Teeside who are reading this, that totals 200 points.
  4. There's no reason why any charity can't get an overdraft, or a loan from a bank. And charitable status isn't switched on or off depending on growth rates in the economy, despite your attempts to troll on " totally fraudulent 'charitable' status".
  5. In a lot of ways, it's quite useful to be a geriatric in the city. I remember the last crash, and jokes, like crashes, come round again. So here is an old joke that I thought you would all like to hear, which was doing the rounds the last time. Two stockbrokers, on their way to lunch. As they were walking along, one of them and notices a pile of dog shit on the pavement. He turns to his colleague and says "I bet you £1,000,000 that you won't eat that pile of dog shit." So the other one says "you're wrong" and proceeds to eat the pile of dog shit. Feeling slightly nauseated, he continues
  6. Dear potential expats I just love all your houses! I really wish that you'd tried to sell them this time last year as I would have bought them all! I'm still desperate to buy them now, theres just a teensy weensy problem. Nobody will give me a mortgage to buy even one of them! But I'm sure the banks are keeping all the money to give it out when the spring bounce happens. love and hugs dev
  7. What a load of ballocks! When you type in your annual salary, it calculates how much you earn per day. However, this is nbased on 175 working days in each year. Personall, I find that there are 365 days in each year, less 104 days fro saturdays and sundays. knock off 25 days for holidays, and about 5 fro bank holidays and this gets to 231 days. Obviously, the average channel 4 worker takes at least 1 day a week off, thus contibuting to the difference of 56 days!
  8. On the basis the original poster meant GBP, if a tenant of mine gave me over a million qid as a depostit, I wouldn't give it back either! By the way, this is my last post on matters relevant to this website, unless someone removes these stupid google ad posts. If the feckwit who introduced them wants to ban me for the comment, its not my loss now.
  9. I'm gobsmacked! If you look at the internal photos of the house, the ceiling is just above the windows. It looks like they have converted a 2 storey house into a 3 storey house by removing the floor between the ground and first floor, and putting in an extra level in the middle! Looks fine if you're vertically challenged, but would the local council give them palnning p-ermission for this, to say nothing about building regs?
  10. No No Marko, she didn't give you notice because of your complaints. Its because having got you out, she'll be able to rent it for more money because everyone knows that rents only ever go up! (and everyone knows that being a BTL landlord is the way to riches, being appointed to the House of Lords by Tony Blair, the only way to shag John Presott, etc.
  11. "A picture paints a thousand words" - I do like the graph.
  12. Stamp duty is payable on the arms length market value at the time of transfer. So with such a swap you'll be hit for 2 lots. However, if your aged relative does have to go in to a nursing home, the local council may look to unwind the transaction if they think that your mother has entered into it to avoid her obligations to them in respect of the fees. Were this to happen, the worst possible case is that the gift to you would be unwound and you wouldn't get the stamp duty back! But there again , if 2 shags doesn't have to pay taxable benefit on his love nest in Admiralty Arch, and his country
  13. Actual rate ('nominal' rate) 5%, inflation 3%, therefore real interest rate 2%. Better to save than to spend. Actual rate ('nominal' rate) 15%, inflation 22%, therefore real interest rate minus 7%. Better to spend than to save, as prices will go up more than the amount you get on your savings.
  14. You have a 'property' for sale. B&Q would describe it as a garden shed. Messrs Shyster Lyster, Estate Agents of repute are marketing it. I'm easily led, and want to get on the mythical ladder. I wander along to Shyster Lyster on my day off, and speak to their mortgage advisor. He hears details of my income and says that I'm just the sort of person a 'lie to buy' mortgage is aimed at. He's really nice, and as a special favour he offers to fill in all the forms in his spare time that night. It saves me the bother, and all I have to do is sign in 14 places on the application form before he
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