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  1. I made a mark on the carpet of the house I am moving out fo today. It is quite a significant mark (I split some dirty wwater and then made it worse by using a lot of carpet cleaner. However, the carpet is a standrad carpet put in by builders ona new build and is 12 years old. I went to a carpet shop and they said that a carpet in the hallway should have a lifespan of 7 years and up to 10 for a wool carpet (although that would mark more). Am I correct in thinking that using the ALRA's betterment calcultauons that my cost is £0 because the carpet is already older than what could be described as
  2. Yes it is repeat fixed term with a break clause of 30 days. Quite normal I believe.
  3. My landlord is building on the plot of land (that used to be my garden) next to me. The disturbance has not been too terrible until yesterday a scaffolder wanted to put scaffolding all across my windows. This has been scaled back but i will still have scaffolding next to my windows and also part of the roof removed. The landlord never told us about any of this. I would be glad to move out but have a 6 month contract until December (which I can give 30 days notice on). Thus I have the ability to leave but he has no right to evict me. I don't see, however, why I should move out with no compensat
  4. It is not costing me extra but I don't have access to the parking space that I am paying for.
  5. My landlord is building anotgher property next to me. In order to contect the water supply to that house they have had to take up the whole of the private road outside my house, which provides access to my parking space and that of my neighbours. When the work commenced the right to my parking space was put in my contract. Am I entitled to any compensation for loss of parking space (and indeed vehicular access to my house)?
  6. We are hopefully moving soon but it looks as if everything will not be ssigned and sealed before i have to give my notice on the current house. If I don't give it next week then I will have an overlap of a month. I think it is highly unlikely that the landlord will get a new tenant in a month as the house is next to a building project and other houses in the area are up for rent and not exactly flying off the shelves. If I give my notice and then can't move, can the landlord still force me to leave or can I buy more time?
  7. Thanks all. Do you think I should ask for 1/2 rent. It feels alot but then on the other hand he is unlikely to get anyone else I suppose.
  8. Thanks for writing back. I don't think i was very clear. The landlord wants to build this house in my garden. I checked this before and the consensus was that if my contrcat is for the whole propeerty including the gardne then he cannot deprive me of part of it. Thus i could refuse to allow building in my garden. I thought a quarter less rent felt fair but you seem to suggest far more. What do tohers inclduign landlords here think? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I would be grateful for your advice on my situation. We have rented a house for nearly 3 years. Our 1 year tenancy agreement with 1 month break clause comes up for renewal at the end of June. The landlord has planning permission on our plot to build an adjoining house. He has just told me today (I have known about it through other sources for a year) that he wants to start work in amonth or two but will reduce the rent. I don't really want to stay but we are looking to buy and think the sterling crisis will be a good time for us. My questions are: If I want to move out I can presumably st
  10. I am shocked at the answers on this thread. There are a lot of trolls on this forum. Your son has the right to have an operating shower. The landlord will have to fix it. I would put this in writing to the agents and give a reasonable time ( a week or two) to get it fixed. If they refuse then talk to the CAB or Shelter. Good luck.
  11. On ownership - Land registry. It costs £4. That will tell you if the property is mortgaged and with which bank but not what kind of mortgage is held.
  12. I read this but I still think we will see inflation at high levels in the short term. There is simply no fear now of unemployment in SE England (maybe elsewhere?) and prices keep going up. we need IRs now of at least 3% and probably next yaer you can double that!
  13. You can hire the machine at Johnson's dry cleaners. I think it is £30 and £10 for the cleaning liquid. Personally for that cost I would do it. My AST says that I have to have it professionally cleaned, which is much more expensive.
  14. Let's hope that your ability to predict the housing market is as good as your grammar. I have corrected your English to help your development. Please ensure that your prospectuses (or more correctly prospecti) are more correct in their use of our language. Thank you.
  15. I like a house, which is going to be repossessed. I have already flagged interest with the EAs. Is there any way of finding out what is happening in the meanwhile. I mean are the court proceedings a matter of public information? Grateful for any help. I did put this on the main forum and Sarah Bell helpfully pointed out that I could find out the lender from the Land Registry. Anyone else have any thoughts or have you been in this position and have any experience you can share?
  16. I like a house, which is going to be repossessed. I have already flagged interest with the EAs. Is there any way of finding out what is happening in the meanwhile. I mean are the court proceedings a matter of public information? Grateful for any help. Thanks
  17. Heard an EA on the today programme this morning. He was saying how great low interest rates are. He pays hardly anything on his IO tracker and can get great deals on TVs and other consumer goods. It is good to know that he is benefiting from our low interest rates and printing of money. Well done Mervyn. (Note i don't even blame Gordon for this, it is up to Merv to raise interest rates and stop the printing machines. He is supposed to be independent).
  18. Probably good advice but really you did fall into the "propertee" trap!
  19. Repo here (falling down). Asking price was £395k. Apparently the offer was £460k. However that was about 6 months ago and it is still on Rightmove!
  20. Been feeling quite depressed all day. However Haliwide has said all along that the bounce is caused by a limited supply because of low interest rates and people not wanting to sell at bottom of the market. In relation to the latter then the bounce might persaude more to enter the market and thus increase the number of houses for sell. I also thinjk interest rates might have to go up soon. CPI must go up with petrol prices and food prices still rising.
  21. Having looked into this (and I live in the provinces not London), I would say at least £1000 bfor the mortgage. Stamp duty is correct, You need to double the solicitor. £600 will cover the solicitor (including land registry fees and other fees) perhaps on the internet but for a solicitor you can phone you are looking at £1,200. Removal firm and surveyor are roughly what i found to the the case. If the HIP is more than 6 months old then add £200 for the searches.
  22. It is usually because it is unmortgagable or because they want a quick sale.
  23. That sounds right. Afterall your son would still have another loan and no real equity, which would be risky for the bank. Also norte that loans are much more expensive at 90% than 75%. Not being funny but don't you think your son should have to save something to buy a house. He would probably apprecitae uit more if he had to save some 10% himself.
  24. Hard to price properties can be sold better at auction. Why not ask an auctioneer for a quote.
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