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  1. Yes I do.. MSI Wind netbook running 10.5.8 and on my main PC which I dual boot with W7 64bit when I want to do some gaming.
  2. If you look back to the 19th and early 20th century you'll notice a drastically different population level globally. The total population is directly linked to the level of agriculture possible to create food, and in our modern times it is bound to the use of fossil fuels. If oil and its derivatives dwindle then ultimately so will the population.
  3. Hmmm... I guess there's too much "invisible" contribution for BASF to stay profitable then
  4. I have a feeling that Mr Brown has an 88888 account which contains all the money, but then again I just recently watched Rogue Trader. ;-)
  5. I'm with you on that one RB, Cable seems like a straight talker and is able to communicate well what is going on, at least when I've seen him interviewed. Of course when you're not in government you can always talk more freely though.
  6. Could this be a shallow attempt by Brown to imitate Ron Paul's desire to change the money and banking system?
  7. Surely its obvious - most things in the world are finite and therefore consumption cannot continue indefinately on an upward curve. Yet economic growth always seems to assume that there are limitless supplies.
  8. As someone who works in the NHS... PRINCE2 is used a lot here and is a load of t0sh. I know of many people sent on the expensive training courses who have no need of the knowledge... and then of course you have to go on refreshers as well... it make by blood boil.
  9. Isn't it better that GB carries the can for his mistakes by not having an election...?
  10. My fiance is Zimbabwean so I get lots of info about whats going on over there. A major issue caused by the hyperinflation is that by the time you've got the funds from the sale of a property inflation has ramped the price on the replacement, so unless you can complete in a few days your in a sticky situation.
  11. Well done Jonathon - nice to see someone competent get the message across without faltering. Sentiment must be changing as I'm starting to hear of possible price falls in the news - bear food for sure.
  12. I'd like to see the UK with a Ron Paul style PM (cant see it hapening though) Whilst I agree Brown seems better than Blair at this point in time Labour have made a real shambles of my employer, the NHS and most other things during their watch. Like many I'd like them to stay on to carry the can to nail their coffin well and truely closed.
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