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  1. I did not mention the word 'salary', I mentioned 'pay'. With all the perks and allowances their pay is much, much more than £64k.
  2. GP's are pretty overpaid too in my opinion, at £100k plus. And its impossible to get hold of one out of hours or at weekends around here. But GP's should always be paid more than MP's - they are highly trained and for the most part professional whereas MP's arent.
  3. I think it was in 1984 that a Parliamentary Commission decided that MP's should be paid on par with Doctors and Headmasters (presumably secondary school). The story goes that because the public would find this unpalatable the recommendation wasnt implemented and this is why and how the free-for-all expenses and allowances for MP's was given a nod and a wink by the Parliamentary authorities. Well, the Kelly report on MP's salary's and wages is coming out later this year and Labour and Lib Dems are going to accept it without question (Tories are reserving judgement). Supposing the Kelly report says MP's should be paid on par with Doctors and headmasters,(and its not unlikely that they will base their recommendation on previous advice) do you think this is acceptable? I don't. Maybe it's acceptable to pay Ministers an equivalent but its definitely unacceptable to pay Backbenchers this amount. I think we need to be pro-active on this. What do you think?
  4. Sugar sounds interesting. How does the amateur take advatage of this? Tate & Lyle shares, ETF's, 1kg bags from Tesco? If someone could outline the options it would be much appreciated.
  5. Oops, yes, my maths was wrong. It's been a long day. Also, thanks narco for advice re 2)
  6. Couple of questions about buying gold coins 1) I notice its cheaper to buy coins by 1/10 of an ounce than by the ounce eg. Eagle 1 Ounce 31.10gms $446.08, Eagle 1/10 Ounce 31.11gms $45.38. Or am I missing something here? 2) Coininvest.com say "Our selling and buying prices are accurate to the next second for all gold and silver coins and bullion." However, when I compare their prices against the intra-day gold quotes at < http://www.24hgold.com/english/gold_silver....aspx?money=USD > the two do not tally and it does not seem as if coininvest are accurate to the next second eg. Gold $ 879.60/ Eagle Ounce 441.95, 886.30/447.83 886.00/449.17. Can someone explain whats happening here.
  7. I notice purity of Maple & Buffalo is .999 but Brittania & Eagle .917. Is this a consideration to take into account when buying ?
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