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  1. The problem with Rentiers is they eventually run out of other peoples' money. The parasite will soon overwhelm the host...
  2. MrLizard

    Mep Elections -- Merged Multiple Threads

    I don't think it's a fraud - there was a dispute when someone stood as a 'Literal Democrat' - the case was thrown out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Huggett
  3. MrLizard

    Flat To Rent...

    ...or sit on the settee...
  4. Maybe we need to somehow push the message that we're in a situation where housing and transport costs are as damaging as the high-end income taxes rates of the 1970s - except these costs apply across the whole income range...
  5. MrLizard

    Young People 'feel They Have Nothing To Live For'

    I must get an iPhone - I thought they were just posh phones etc, but there's a rumour they provide you with affordable housing, a career path and a good pension... On another note, I was talking to the parents over xmas, and they remarked how fuel prices weren't an issue in the 60s, e.g. steelworkers got a weekly allowance of solid fuel (i.e. before North Sea gas became a cheap and clean alternative)
  6. Reminds me of Logan's run, but exterminating people under 25...
  7. Perhaps they would reassess the situation if the 'unlettable' flats were compulsorily purchased for a nominal fee...
  8. The fact he calls a mansion tax 'vindictive' says it all - many people view the complete abortion he made of the railways as 'vindicitive'. Also, his stock phrase in the 1990s for anyone who wanted to talk about private school privilege / tax breaks etc was 'politics of envy'. Hmmm...
  9. MrLizard

    I Made A House Prices Web Site

    Fantastic piece of work!
  10. MrLizard

    'tech Firms Are Struggling In London'

    That reminds me of the concept of 'primacy' from geography at school, where the capital city has no competition from other cities. It was always pointed out a characteristic of 3rd world countries... An ominous parallel.
  11. MrLizard

    Trickle Down

    Nick Hanauer, makes the same points about billionaires like himself having an unhealthily large share of the wealth and its effects on demand here. Meanwhile, recent multinational tax behaviour suggests the trickling is perhaps trickling (albeit legally) straight down into tax havens - I guess the trickle down argument assumes a closed economy to trickle into taxes or consumer spending.
  12. Funnily enough, the last rented flat I lived in had a "no pets, no kids" clause in the lease...
  13. Nationalise BTL - cut the head off the housing benefit snake.

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