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  1. wierd anglicised pronunciation of santander. Trying to distance santander UK from Spain?
  2. on santander moving deposits back to Spain...can not happen, illegal...hmmm
  3. Has Stephen Hester really forsaken his bonus?
  4. absolutely, I think it best for all of us if you tell us whats best. We'd only make a mess of the whole situation and cause some sort of banking crisis!
  5. +0.2% low volumes, asking prices and the weather was nice today.
  6. I think leicestersq has an idea. Set the shop out like screwfix or argos so you can keep a lot of stock. Charge a pound a ticket to sample the item. (you could even have sampling rooms ) and a premium to buy if the mood takes you ! Why stop at electronic shops?
  7. Excuse my ignorance; stolen from and by who? How about a blog update Injin?
  8. Looks like the politicians are making a swift exit.
  9. The Greeks are squeezed. Makes our attempts at cuts seem pathetic. This ain't gonna be pretty. I'm assuming a yes vote.
  10. Just because it hasn't happened yet... Wall Street Journal: Moody's said the review should be resolved within about three months.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13337149 "Spring is traditionally a busier time of year for the housing market, although lower prices also attracted some to look around homes."
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