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  1. It fooled Bruno / Bill / Patrick. Go here and scroll down until you see the first post in bold. http://www.serioustopics.com/forumviewthread.php?threadid=1
  2. The Monkey is back on here because some jabroni mentioned his name! Just like a genie in a lamp, when the Great One's name is spoken, then the Most Electrifying Homeowner in House Price Forums today will appear! You know you love it! This site is nothing without the Monkey - the only time it gets any hits is when the Great One is here. As regards DIY - don't be stupid jabroni! DIY is beneath a mega-star like the Monkey - thats why he bought a new-build, already decorated by some jabroni-renters. Why do something yourself when you can pay a renter peanuts to do it for you? Now if that is all, the Monkey needs to get back to his friends at Channel 4 Homes.
  3. Stop writing the Monkey love songs you sick freak! How many times does the Monkey have to say it - he is a pie-sexual - that means no strudel, jabroni! Only pie!
  4. RFD - it would be much easier if you just admited the truth - you are one of the millions and millions of the Great One's fans and now he owns a house, you have to own one too. The Monkey understands. It's just like when you used to send the Great one emails, asking him where you could buy replica Monkey sunglassess (it goes without saying that you couldn't afford million dollar designer glasses like the Great One) and where the Monkey bought his clothes (it also goes without saying that they wouldn't even let you in the shops that the Monkey frequents). There's no shame in wanting to be like the Great One, jabroni. Now do you smell what the Monkey is cooking?
  5. Finally the Monkey has come back to the temple of Doom and Gloom. Of course the Monkey didn't go down fighting jabroni, why would you fight the chance to own a house?
  6. Right Fred's Dead and Dipstick are just two of the millions and millions of the Monkey's fans who miss the Great One so much that they will buy a house so that they can join the Monkey in the green and pleasant land that is Channel 4 Homes.
  7. I have made a few posts on the Channel 4 forum but these will be few and far between. I made one to wind people on here up and another which was a genunine homeowner question. As to why we bought, We put our lives on hold for 4 years by saving every penny we earned and living in an absolute sh** hole. We couldn't take living there anymore. Our ideal house in our ideal location came up at a price we could now afford due to our deposit and prices having dropped a bit. We want to start a family soon. I hope people don't think I'm really a judas. I hope people can see that although you can wait for house prices to drop, you can also make sacrifices and move your deposit up at a faster rate, although i realise that for many people this is still not enough.
  8. I will be moving to a new job soon where I won't be able to come on here anyway. But it is proving harder to stay away when I thought. Playing the evil Monkey is like when you were a kid and wanted to be Darth Vader. The trouble is I start winding people up and then chicken out - I know from being a moderator that not everyone on here is the full ticket!
  9. Actually, in all seriousness I have effectively left this forum. I just couldnt resist doing the Channel 4 thing and winding people up.
  10. In response to your first point, the Monkey will explain why in true wrestling tradition he is not gone for good: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_...etirement_Match In response to your second point - just look at your picture jabroni! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?...i&defid=1184851
  11. The Monkey will break from his new evil Monkey persona for one second and say "thanks very much". The Monkey will now break back into character. It doesn't matter what you think jabroni!
  12. No jabroni. The Monkey has bought a 3 bed detached newbuild in an area of the country he has always wanted to live but never thought he could afford to live. Furthermore, it is in the most sought after location within said area. It may be a newbuilld but is from a quality builder and has a 10 year guarantee. The Monkey also managed to knock 10k off the asking price. If house prices fell so much that the Monkey's house was worth 10p next year, he wouldnt care. He is happy to stay in this house for life. So, in answer to your question, jabroni. No the Monkey isn't worried. Now stop bothering the Monkey jabroni! He needs to go speak to his friends on Channel 4 Homes about washer-dryers and tell them what a bunch of doom mongers you all are: http://community.channel4.com/groupee/foru...41/m/7430040713
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