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  1. Estate Agents in the Bristol area are gleefully publishing pictures of packed-out auction rooms. Just who are all these bidders? Are any of them funding purchases with loans? Guess I am amazed there's so much money around.
  2. Yes, that's as we understood it to be. Rental properties owned by institutions looking for a safe long term place to park cash. Most of the lettings in Berlin seemed to be handled by Köwoge. Guessing here and would love insight. Germans do seem to be socially aware in their planning so I wonder, since their controlled rental system is socially necessary and family friendly they may balance those stricter rental obligations with tax encouragements for property investing? One downside I heard was that it can sometimes be a gruelling task to secure a rental property from the outset. That's reasonable and understandable tho
  3. We lived in Berlin a few years ago and we bought our place, through habit. Acquaintances suggested we were crazy for tying up a pile of money in a building. With Berlin's tenure security and Town Hall specified rents there's simply no need to buy to get the security you need for the children's schools and work commitments. That no politician has seen that it just works in Berlin and suggested it is copied continues to bewilder me. i don't want to believe that they are brazenly protecting their landlord gravy train - especially since the longer it goes on the more Housing Benefit they will be paying.
  4. I wonder how long before Cameron suggests offering billions to big business so they can buy and build properties for their employees to rent. I'm quite sure his selective historical memories will convince him of its merit.
  5. The smarter agencies are tapping into the cash market through auctions. Anecdotally there's a high delusion level in Bristol - Not a place to buy
  6. I believe that Institutional landlords are the norm in Germany. Such a move would surely force the issue of rent controls and stable tenure?
  7. There are certainly millions locked-out of secure housing but the market is crazy, the auction houses are packed with breathless investors.
  8. The banks burned the fingers of their own with their securitised no-question-asked loans. Whilst there's nothing fundamentally wrong with such securitisation I can't see it working again unless the model is demonstrably reliable. The house valuations at present don't stack-up against loan repayments or downside risk.
  9. Darn - why don't I see any edit option on this forum? Not two questions, I can count.a little.
  10. Two questions: In these zero sum trades and bets: Who are the losing parties? How is the other (typically losing) party recruited and why do they play? Is the game fixed?
  11. Absolute depressing madness. Have these fools learned nothing? It seems to me that these people don't just tell us that prices only ever rise; they actually believe it. Or is it banker lobbying leverage again?
  12. Got to protect those banks against falling house prices. Osborne casually added, though at least stated, that these would be to people that qualify for the mortgages. They're not turning a blind-eye to applicants' incomes anymore but I wonder if banks, armed with this guarantee will seek new ways to be reckless? Package and sell a dodgy loan with UKGov Insurance bundled
  13. James O'Brien and Nick Abbot, who can be very funny, are the only presenters worth listening to on LBC tho' camp Steve Allen raises smile with his silly trivia observations when I can't sleep, at 4am. Then they have willfully blinkered presenters like Nick Ferrari and James Whale and others that are truly painful to experience.
  14. I was told by a newsagent many years ago that the reclaim on unsold newspapers was extremely high, to the extent that he was encpuraged to shelve as much stuff as he could fit in his shop. I'm guessing it's the same with the £9.99 glossy mags.
  15. So the taxpayer will be starting to funding all these extra rents at the same point that we're in the thick of the unpayavable interest-only mortgages turning bad. But controlling rents in a European manner would be bad for the landlords' market, says Mr Prisk.
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