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  1. Estate Agents in the Bristol area are gleefully publishing pictures of packed-out auction rooms. Just who are all these bidders? Are any of them funding purchases with loans? Guess I am amazed there's so much money around.
  2. Yes, that's as we understood it to be. Rental properties owned by institutions looking for a safe long term place to park cash. Most of the lettings in Berlin seemed to be handled by Köwoge. Guessing here and would love insight. Germans do seem to be socially aware in their planning so I wonder, since their controlled rental system is socially necessary and family friendly they may balance those stricter rental obligations with tax encouragements for property investing? One downside I heard was that it can sometimes be a gruelling task to secure a rental property from the outset. That's reasonable and understandable tho
  3. We lived in Berlin a few years ago and we bought our place, through habit. Acquaintances suggested we were crazy for tying up a pile of money in a building. With Berlin's tenure security and Town Hall specified rents there's simply no need to buy to get the security you need for the children's schools and work commitments. That no politician has seen that it just works in Berlin and suggested it is copied continues to bewilder me. i don't want to believe that they are brazenly protecting their landlord gravy train - especially since the longer it goes on the more Housing Benefit they will be paying.
  4. I wonder how long before Cameron suggests offering billions to big business so they can buy and build properties for their employees to rent. I'm quite sure his selective historical memories will convince him of its merit.
  5. I would forgive Brand's 'dirty profit' comment for a mistake. I heard it as referring to the type of profit. I'm sure with some consideration he'll wish he'd said profiting by near extortion or gouging.
  6. Hmm, even when Robin Lustig tried to copy Brand's style it was less eloquent; and he had time to consider. Not impressive Mr Lustig. On a wider point, as Robin Lustig laughably mentioned, barring a revolution how do groups of people make themselves heard these days? Leafleting, petitions, oh please! I am unconvinced marches achieve anything at all. Nowadays, it seems, anything that *can* be ignored *will* ignored.
  7. Owen Jones summed this up beautifully in a tweet following the 2012 riots when he wrote "People with something to lose don't risk throwing it away by rioting"
  8. I think that's a little unfair. Watch his body language closely - he has a sensitive streak, highly mischievous but nothing suspicious in has empathetic connections. Something that's quite missing in the likes of perma school bully Cameron. Remember his eloquent recollection in a speech of the poor woman burned of desperation her car - Hollow words, how quickly his character was revealed. Brand would recoil in horror at the drudgery of becoming a politician but is acutely aware that his following allows him to draw attention to issues that concern him. I am convinced that a new party, perhaps formed around the People's Assembly, could take a major share of the vote right now. Who would others suggest as an able and votable leader?
  9. I was reminded of Owen Jones, who I think *could* represent Brand's ideas in electable form; as could Mark Steel. Would they though? I know Owen Jones is involved with the People's Assembly but they need to establish a party and put up candidates. After the charlatans that where the Lib Dems Volte-face the political vacuum remains and is available.
  10. Brand's quite curious. On the surface quite shallow but his writing has blown my socks off a number of times. His piece on Margaret Thatcher and thispiece on the GQ awards are journalistic excellence:
  11. The most brilliant Paul Mason writes that Russell has hit upon something developing - I think he's right. They say 'timing is everything' - it wears you down. You need infinite patience. It *will* happen.
  12. The smarter agencies are tapping into the cash market through auctions. Anecdotally there's a high delusion level in Bristol - Not a place to buy
  13. Great, if the model of institutional landlords were to be under a similar regime as Germany; with family-friendly tenancies and controlled rents - a real alternative to owner occupation. However, I fear that our government will simply allow institutional landlords, like all others, to pretty much do as they please, charge what they want and slavishly support excessive rents with housing welfare.
  14. I believe that Institutional landlords are the norm in Germany. Such a move would surely force the issue of rent controls and stable tenure?
  15. There are certainly millions locked-out of secure housing but the market is crazy, the auction houses are packed with breathless investors.
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